19 Aug 2021

Rescue crews in Turkey search for 34 still missing in floods

Flash floods along the coast of the Black Sea in Turkey have left at least 77 people killed and 34 people missing. The floods began on August 11, and rescue missions continued Tuesday. The floods demolished homes and bridges and blocked access to numerous roads.  26 people remain unaccounted for

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27 Oct 2020

Global trade linked to resource insecurity

Researchers have found that the global economy is facing insecurities that are disproportionately affecting remote nations and supply chains. The Global Environmental Change journal published the first comprehensive analysis of its kind, investigating whether trade amplifies resource insecurity. The findings alleged that globalization is not compatible with managing the risks

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15 Sep 2020

US reaches $1.5 billion settlement with Daimler over emissions scandal

On Monday, The US DOJ released information regarding a settlement reached with Daimler over an emissions cheating scandal. The agreement between the two entities resulted in Daimler agreeing to pay $1.5 billion in reparations. The deal was proposed between the DoJ, the Environmental Protection Agency, the California Air Resources Board,

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19 May 2020

Amphan: India and Bangladesh evacuate millions ahead of super cyclone

Millions are currently being evacuated from India and Bangladesh as a super cyclone approaches the land from the Bay of Bengal. The storm, named Cyclone Amphan, is expected to hit the land near the two countries’ border on Wednesday. According to officials, more than 20 relief teams have been deployed

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14 Apr 2020

Chernobyl fire under control, Ukraine officials say

A fire that began dangerously close to the abandoned Chernobyl nuclear plant has been successfully contained according to Ukrainian officials. On Tuesday, Ukraine stated that although there is still a risk due to small fires on the forest floor, there is no large open fire left. The fire brought up

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