13 Jan 2022

Fingers point to Lazarus, Cobalt, FIN7 as key hacking groups attacking finance industry

On Thursday, Outpost24’s Blueliv published a report titled “Follow the Money,” designed to identify and track groups that are major culprits of theft and fraud in the financial sector. The report found that the Lazarus, Cobalt, and FIN7 threat groups have been the most prevalent threat actors striking financial organization.

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04 Jan 2022

At least 23 killed amid clashes between armed groups in north Colombia

In Colombia’s northern Arauca area, as many as 23 individuals have died due to clashes between rival guerrilla groups operating in the region. The Attorney General’s office confirmed the casualties, stating that information regarding the conflict is still not fully clear. The office stated that it is difficult to enter

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30 Dec 2021

At least 32 killed in gold mine collapse in Sudan

In Sudan, a gold mine collapse has killed at least 32 while rescue groups continue to search for bodies and survivors. Dozens of workers were ultimately trapped in the mine after it collapsed in the West Kordofan province. According to mining officials, there were 36 individuals in the mine when

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29 Dec 2021

Israel announces plan to double Golan Heights population, drawing condemnation from Syria

Last Sunday, Israel announced plans to double the population of the Golan Heights area over the next several years. The area is highly contested and the decision drew criticism from the Syrian government. The announcement was made at a special Cabinet meeting held in Golan Heights. Prime Minister Naftali Bannett

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28 Dec 2021

China hoards over half the world’s grain, pushing up global prices

According to data from the US Department of Agriculture, China is expected to have 69% of the world’s maize reserved by the first half of the crop year 2022. The country is also projected to have 60% of the world’s rice reserves and 51% of its wheat. Less than 20%

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09 Dec 2021

U.S. Accuses El Salvador’s Government of Cutting a Deal With Gangs

The US has accused El Salvador’s government of cutting a deal with the imprisoned leaders of the country’s top criminal gangs after learning that the administration of El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele secretly negotiated a truce in exchange for financial and prison benefits. The US Treasury addressed the incident on

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18 Nov 2021

U.K. Inflation Hits 10-Year High, Stirring Expectations of Rate Rise

For the first time in a decade, annual inflation in the UK has accelerated to its fastest, strengthening expectations that the Bank of England (BOE) will be the first major bank to lift interest rates from pandemic lows. Concerns over global inflation have intensified due to the Covid-19 crisis, and

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09 Sep 2021

Tanzania secures nearly $600M from IMF for COVID relief

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has agreed to provide Tanzania with $567 million in emergency support to help the country finance a Covid-19 vaccination campaign and deal with the health and social costs of the pandemic. The IMF board approved the disbursement on Tuesday under its Rapid Credit Facility and

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31 Aug 2021

Covid-19 Delta Variant Pummels China’s Services Sector

China’s services sector has taken an unexpected hit in August due to a wave of coronavirus infections sparking new lockdowns across the country. This resulted in an official gauge of nonmanufacturing activity falling into contractionary territory for the first time since China’s recovery from the first wave of the pandemic

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29 Jul 2021

Lebanon’s water system on brink of total collapse, says UN

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Lebanon’s water supply system is on the verge of collapse. The announcement marks the latest development in Lebanon’s recent struggles that have pushed the country into chaos. More than 71% of the country’s population are at immediate risk of losing access to

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