15 Feb 2021

Global shares hit fresh peak, oil up on Middle East tensions

Yesterday, global shares rose for the 11th straight day, creating new optimism about the effect of the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines and fiscal aid from Washington. However, tensions in the Middle East are behind the high price, driving oil to a 13 month high. As more people receive vaccinations in

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15 Feb 2021

Biden to Join G-7 Leaders in Virtual Meeting to Discuss Pandemic Response

On Friday, US President Joe Biden plans to participate in a virtual gathering of the Group of Seven industrialized nations to discuss plans on tackling the Covid-19 pandemic as the death counts rise well above two million and the global economy remains damaged. The forum of leaders from the other

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12 Feb 2021

U.K. Economy Suffers Biggest Slump in 300 Years Amid Covid-19 Lockdowns

Official estimates confirm that the UK economy records its biggest contraction in more than three centuries in 2020 due to lockdown measures halting the operations of non-essential businesses and preventing people from shopping. The country has also suffered one of the world’s deadliest outbreaks. The country is currently grappling with

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30 Dec 2020

How China won 2020

Although every country around the globe suffered economically from the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown measures, China will end this year as the only major country to have its economy grow rather than shrink due to post-lockdown economic relief measures. China is now operating at an advantage,

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23 Dec 2020

Israel Faces Fourth Election in Two Years After Parliament Is Dissolved

Israel will endure its fourth election in just two years following Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s failure to pass a new budget, requiring the Parliament to dissolve. The parties that make up Mr. Netanyahu’s coalition have failed to see eye-to-eye on several key issues following the government’s inception this past spring.

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22 Dec 2020

North Korea’s Economy Hit Harder Than It Has Been in Decades

North Korea is faring worse economically than over the past several decades due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. North Korea enacted harsh measures from the very beginning, seeking to halt the virus entirely before outbreaks got out of control. However, this dealt a brutal blow to its already

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18 Dec 2020

Phone scammers were able to get 270% more personal information in 2020 than in 2019

First Orion’s Annual Phone Scam Call Report details the organization’s research into phone scamming over the past year, concluding that phone scammers were able to obtain 270% more personal information in 2020 than they did in 2019. This is likely due to the fact that phone scammers have been capitalizing

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03 Dec 2020

Canada, struggling to control a second wave of coronavirus infections, announces billions more in stimulus

The second wave of COVID-19 infections is occurring in Canada, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced more than $77 billion in stimulus for Canadian people and businesses. Trudeau acknowledged the effect of the pandemic on the economy and its recovery, offering aid to keep families financially stable and get

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04 Nov 2020

Argentina’s President Struggles to Avert Economic Crash

Last year, Argentinian President Alberto Fernandez was elected to lift the country out of a harmful and devastating economic recession. Now, the economy is facing a surmounting crisis as COVID-19 threatens economic stability across the world. The Argentine government is struggling to create an economic plan while managing a leftist

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19 Oct 2020

China Economy Grows 4.9% as Rest of World Struggles With Coronavirus

On Monday, China was leading worldwide efforts to get the gross domestic product back on track following the COVID-19 pandemic that sent several countries into recession. China nearing its pre-COVID-19 trajectory, off by about half a year. The pandemic’s accompanying lockdown measures were detrimental to countries worldwide, most of which

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