19 Mar 2020

US, Canada are closing shared border to nonessential travel

On Wednesday, Canada and the US agreed to temporarily shut down the border between the two countries to all nonessential travel in order to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The flow of trade will remain intact, but citizens of either country cannot cross the border for family visits

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19 Mar 2020

Europe sets up emergency lifeline worth billions

In an attempt to soothe the economic impact of the ongoing pandemic, the European Central Bank (ECB) has started an emergency $820 billion package that will buy government and company dept across the EU, particularly in Greece and Italy. ECB’s CEO Christine Lagarde stated that they are incredibly committed to

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18 Mar 2020

COVID-19’s Impact On Tech Spending This Year

COVID-19 has affected the economy heavily, and new reports have detailed how the pandemic has directly affected tech spending in 2020 already. In collaboration with its parent company Avasant, Computer Economics has published a Coronavirus Impact Index by Industry that takes a close look at how the pandemic is affecting

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17 Mar 2020

Coronavirus: Stock markets continue to slide

The coronavirus has been wreaking havoc on the stock market, and European shares have fallen even further. London’s FTSE 100 opened higher on Tuesday, however, it eventually suffered an index fall of 1%, while other major European markets reported the same. UK’s Chancellor is expected to announce its plan to

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16 Mar 2020

Iran’s Coronavirus Strategy Favored Economy Over Public Health, Leaving Both Exposed

When faced with the difficult choice of choosing to close the country down to contain the outbreak of COVID-19 or to keep the economy running and risk disastrous infection rates, Iran chose the economy, which proved to be incredibly detrimental to the country’s overall wellbeing. Within three weeks of announcing

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26 Feb 2020

China Lifts Import Restrictions on U.S. Farm Goods

On Tuesday, US officials stated that Chinese authorities have taken the first steps towards implementing the first phase of the trade deal negotiated between the two countries, who represent the world’s largest economies, earlier this month. The deal took effect on February 14, and Chinese leaders have since lifted import

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21 Feb 2020

Global Terror-Finance Watchdog Set to Sanction Iran

The Paris-based Financial Action Task Force is expected to blacklist Iran on Friday after European governments joined the US in their efforts to isolate Tehran. The blacklist aims to isolate Iran financially, straining the already weak economy after years of sanctions. This will broaden the US-led effort after recent events

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07 Feb 2020

Trump administration to open free-trade talks with Kenya

On Thursday, the Trump administration announced that it plans to open free trade talks with Kenya in the coming months. If successful, the deal would be the first trade agreement between the US and a sub-Saharan nation. The announcement followed a meeting between US President Donald Trump and Kenyan President

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04 Feb 2020

Global Factory Revival in Doubt as Coronavirus Spreads

Global manufacturing is set to suffer a new setback after a short-lived steady period due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in China. China’s isolation will have a measurable effect on the global economy in February, according to analysts. The recent expansion may not be sustained in the coming months

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03 Feb 2020

Coronavirus Closes China to the World, Straining Global Economy

China, a vital economic center, is currently facing a national epidemic as the coronavirus has infected thousands of Chinese citizens and killed hundreds. As the situation worsens, the rest of the globe is experiencing a ripple effect as a result of China’s struggling economy. The virus has now infected more

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