09 Jul 2020

15 Billion Credentials Currently Up for Grabs on Hacker Forums

According to researchers and industry experts, unprecedented amounts of data for accessing bank accounts and streaming services are being sold on the dark web. Fifteen billion usernames and passwords for a wide range of services are currently up for sale on underground marketplaces. A report released Wednesday by Digital Shadows

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29 Jun 2020

‘Cardplanet’ Operator Sentenced to 9 Years for Selling Stolen Credit Cards

Aleksei Burkov, a Russian citizen, has been sentenced to nine years in prison for his responsibility in operating a site selling credit card details that is responsible for $20 million in fraudulent purchases. The dark web forum, called “Cardplanet,” sold hundreds of thousands of stolen payment card numbers that had

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03 Jun 2020

YouTube channel access in high demand on hacker forums

Cybersecurity researchers have noted a high demand for stolen Youtube credentials on various dark web hacking and cybercrime forums, where stolen passwords are often sold in bulk. Sellers often advertise large lists of verified credentials, boasting subscriber count. Researchers state that cybercriminals buying these credentials often have two goals, to

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22 May 2020

Wishbone Breach: 40 Million Records Leaked on Dark Web

Dark web trader ShinyHunters has leaked an alleged 40 million user records stolen from the mobile app Wishbone, stating that they had decided to leak the data for free after individuals started to resell it. Cybersecurity vendor Cyble reported the massive data breach, which marks ongoing tension in the cybercrime

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19 May 2020

Hacker sells 129 million sensitive records of Russian car owners

Security researchers have uncovered a dark web forum database with 129 million records of Russian car owners for sale. The seller has leaked some data for potential buyers, verifying the data’s authenticity. Local media has reported that no details on the car owners are available in the public data set,

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04 May 2020

Hacker sells 91 million Tokopedia accounts, cracked passwords shared

According to security researchers, a hacker is selling a database that contains the credentials of 91 million Tokopedia accounts on a dark web marketplace for approximately $5,000. Research claim that threat actors have begun to crack the passwords to the popular online store and share them online. Tokopedia is widely

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28 Apr 2020

Collection of South Korean, U.S. Payment Cards Emerges on Underground Market

Group-IB reported that approximately 400,000 US and South Korean payment card records have emerged on a popular darknet card shop earlier this month. The collection, which was published on April 9, represents the largest sale of South Korean records on the Dark Web this year. Group-IB also warns that it

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20 Apr 2020

Coronavirus Dark Web Scams: From infected blood to ventilators

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the dark web has been riddled with various postings related to the virus. As healthcare organizations and workers have been searching for necessary protective goods and medical equipment as well as cures for the deadly virus, scammers on the dark web have been promoting

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14 Apr 2020

500,000 Hacked Zoom Accounts Given Away For Free On The Dark Web

Zoom has seen a dramatic increase in popularity since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic prompted businesses and schools to shift to virtual meetings. However, it seems that new accounts created since then have been secured with old passwords, leaving them more susceptible to hacking attempts. Cyber risk assessment experts

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17 Mar 2020

An Executive Review of new USG Guidelines for Dark Web Intelligence Collection

In February, the Department of Justice’s Cybersecurity Unit published a document that focuses on the risks practitioners face when gathering intelligence from online sources like the Darknet and what the ramifications of certain actions are when performing intelligence collection. The publication highlights several hypothetical situations in which the practitioner may face legal consequences for missteps when interacting with Darknet sellers and obtaining information from these forums.  

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