18 Jan 2022

PCI SSC updates card security standards to secure the card production process

The PCI Security Standards Council announced an update of the PCI Card Production and Provisioning Security Requirements. The update allows payment card vendors to secure components and sensitive data involved in the production of payment cards. These standards protect against fraud via the compromise of card materials.  Card production includes

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28 Dec 2021

How Artificial Intelligence is changing cyber security landscape

The rapid digitalization accelerated due to the pandemic has brought numerous benefits like improved business agility and customer experiences. But there have also been negative effects like increased vulnerability to cybersecurity threats for your data and applications. A cyberattack is a malicious and deliberate attempt to breach the computer and

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20 Dec 2021

The metaverse: Who will be securing it — and how?

With the metaverse being talked up everywhere — even though the concept still seems to be a bit vague — concerns about safety have bubbled up, and you wouldn’t be along in wondering what cybersecurity challenges may come with it. The metaverse, a concept of the next incarnation of the Internet,

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16 Dec 2021

The True Cost Of Rising Cyber Threats, According To A Cybersecurity CFO

Every security product in the last 20 years has been built to identify attacks after they have been executed. Look no further than then one of the hottest categories in cybersecurity — endpoint detection and response (EDR) — to see the proof. By its very name, this solution is only

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10 Dec 2021

Lack of Patching Leaves 300,000 Routers at Risk for Attack

Hundreds of thousands of routers produced by a Latvian network hardware firm MikroTik are still vulnerable to at least one of four vulnerabilities that are over a year old. These vulnerabilities are most likely being used by attackers as their operational infrastructure. Approximately 94% of the 2 million routers deployed

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23 Nov 2021

Cybersecurity experts warn of A.I.’s drawbacks in combating threats

There are three parts of any security strategy. You want to be able to detect, to prevent, and to respond,” John Roese, Global Chief Technology Officer of Dell Technologies, said at the Fortune Brainstorm A.I. conference in Boston on Monday. “It turns out that in the ‘detect’ area, we’re well

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19 Nov 2021

North Korean Hacking Group Targets Diplomats, Forgoes Malware

A North Korean cyber-operations group has focused on targeting diplomats and regional experts in its cyber espionage campaigns. It uses captured credentials to sustain phishing attacks and rarely uses malware to attack the targets. The North Korean group was found to mainly target individuals in the United States, Russia and

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02 Apr 2021

North Korean hackers are targeting researchers through fake offensive security firm

A North Korean hacking group has created a fake offensive security firm. For strategic context on the meaning of this activity and what business leaders should do about it see: C-Suite Considerations Regarding Current Geopolitical Tensions The actors are believed to be state sponsored by North Korea’s ruling party and

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22 Feb 2021

Python programming language hurries out update to tackle remote code vulnerability

Python 3.9.1 and 3.8.8 have been rushed out by the Python Software Foundation after two security flaws. One of the two flaws is remotely exploitable, but only threatens to knock a machine offline. This remote code execution vulnerability is being tracked as CVE-2021-3177. The release of the new system upgrades

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01 Feb 2021

Cloud Security Startup Armo Emerges from Stealth with $4.5M

With $4.5 million in funding and a mission to strengthen security for the cloud, Armo’s platform emerged from stealth. According to Armo, the increased reliance on Kubernetes as the container orchestration platform with cloud technologies gives limited visibility and security for cloud-native platforms.  Armo utilizes a Workload Fabric Tool aimed

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