07 Sep 2022

TeslaGun Primed to Blast a New Wave of Backdoor Cyberattacks

A newly discovered cyberattack panel dubbed TeslaGun has been discovered, used by Evil Corp to run ServHelper backdoor campaigns. Data gleaned from an analysis by the Prodraft Threat Intelligence (PTI) team shows the Evil Corp ransomware gang (aka TA505 or UNC2165, along with half a dozen other colorful tracking names) has

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02 Sep 2022

Domain spoofing on the rise as cybercriminals see some crypto sites as a ‘perfect target’

The crypto industry has become synonymous with hacks. The blockchain intelligence firm Chainalysis found that criminal hackers stole approximately $3.2 billion in 2021—a 516% increase from 2020. With governments tackling ransomware attacks, hackers are turning to different techniques. A new report from the cybersecurity company Bitdefender found that website spoofing—or attacks

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27 Jul 2022

Source code for Rust-based info-stealer released on hacker forums

The source code for an information-stealing malware coded in Rust has been released for free on hacking forums, with security analysts already reporting that the malware is actively used in attacks. The malware, which the author claims to have developed in just six hours, is quite stealthy, with VirusTotal returning a

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19 Jul 2022

How Blockchain Brought Solid Level Security To Fortune 500 Companies

Cybercrime is estimated to cost the world more than $10 trillion annually by 2025. If measured as the GDP of a country, that would represent the third biggest economy in the world after the U.S. and China. That shows that not only should governmental institutions and banks invest in cybersecurity but

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06 Jul 2022

The Worst Hacks and Breaches of 2022 So Far

Whether the first six months of 2022 have felt interminable or fleeting—or both—massive hacks, data breaches, digital scams, and ransomware attacks continued apace throughout the first half of this complicated year. With the Covid-19 pandemic, economic instability, geopolitical unrest, and bitter human rights disputes grinding on around the world, cybersecurity

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05 Jul 2022

Alleged Chinese police database hack leaks data of 1 billion

Hackers claim to have obtained a trove of data on 1 billion Chinese from a Shanghai police database in a leak that, if confirmed, could be one of the largest data breaches in history. In a post on the online hacking forum Breach Forums last week, someone using the handle

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30 Jun 2022

Reuters and Google Provide Context on How Mercenary Hackers Sway Litigation Battles

The cybersecurity community has watched the rise of businesses that take money to do inappropriate things for years. Now new expositions by inteligence and security professionals at Google and seasoned journalists at Reuters shed new light on how this activity has evolved. From Reuters: Bodyguard Carlo Pacileo was under mounting

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28 Jun 2022

What is a Cryptocurrency Crime, and How Does it Affect Trading

Cryptocurrency crime is as sinister and upsetting as most financial crimes. The crimes that are perpetrated range from ordinary theft of cryptocurrency to money laundering and market to market fraud. Investors and consumers are subject to phishing and scams, where they are instructed to send cryptocurrency to a specific location

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21 Jun 2022

Application security in cryptocurrency ecosystem

You can often hear from me and my colleagues security engineers about the defense in depth approach to protecting the user data. Does this mean putting as many tools and security controls in your code or system as the whole market suggests? By no means. When speaking about defence in

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20 Jun 2022

Why Hackers Are Winning the Ransomware Game

The threat landscape is in a constant state of flux. While malicious activity is incessant and we know it will continually occur, the methods and the rates of which threat actors target victims continues to morph and ransomware has begun to take center stage. Taking a look back at 2021,

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