10 Jan 2019

Global Certainty of Future Cyberattacks Growing

A global Pew Research Center survey shows that cyberattacks are increasingly considered a normal part of modern life. The survey was conducted among over 27,000 respondents from 26 different countries. Overall. 74% of respondents expected cyberattacks to impact national security, 69% said the same about damage to public infrastructure, while

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08 Jan 2019

National security center launches program to help US firms guard against foreign hackers

The National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) has launched an initiative to assist U.S. businesses in protecting themselves against foreign nation-state hackers. As part of the program, the NCSC is providing companies with information on how to defend against various cyber attacks, including supply chain attacks, spear-phishing and cyber espionage.

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13 Dec 2018

How DHS is Trying to Separate Quality Cyber Tools from Snake Oil

How do you compare and test the efficacy of cybersecurity products and companies when the information is proprietary? In many situations, you cannot. The research division of DHS is currently trying to understand how comparisons could be possible that are based on rational actor notions. With cybersecurity companies selling their

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31 Oct 2018

92% of External Web Apps Have Exploitable Security Flaws or Weaknesses: Report

“According to new research, 98% of leading companies across the U.S. and Europe are vulnerable to cybercriminals through their web applications. While this figure may seem high, it will surprise neither the companies themselves nor independent security experts. Most large companies readily admit that they have shadow IT and legacy

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26 Oct 2018

It’s Time to Organize Volunteer Hackers in Civilian Cyber Corps, Think Tank Says

A recent proposal from the New America think tank recommends the creation of a “Civilian Cyber Corps” organized along the lines of the Civil Air Patrol and volunteer firefighters. Like these two groups, the corps would be made up of unpaid volunteers and the estimate for building a corps across

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09 Oct 2018

Is the US legal system an effective cyber deterrent?

On the heels of the U.S. indictment of seven Russian intelligence agents for hacking a number of organizations, including anti-doping agencies, some have asked whether this tactic is effective as a cyber deterrent. It is extremely unlikely that any of the indicted will see a U.S. jail, so why would

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08 Oct 2018

Weak passwords banned in California from 2020

As one of the many bills around the country and world that is working to protect devices and data, the state of California has banned the use of simple or default passwords on internet-connected devices made or sold in its borders, mandating that every item have its own unique password

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03 Oct 2018

Employees Share Average of 6 Passwords With Co-Workers

A recent study by LastPass measured that the average employee shares 6 passwords with their coworkers. Workers are also still regularly re-using passwords across work and private domains, as well as across various accounts. In one improving area, however, the uptake in multi factor authentication implementation has increased from 25.5%

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24 Sep 2018

Britain to create 2,000-strong cyber force to tackle Russia threat

“Britain is significantly increasing its ability to wage war in cyberspace with the creation of a new offensive cyber force of up to 2,000 personnel…The new force which is expected to be announced soon would represent a near four-fold increase in manpower focused on offensive cyber operations…The plan by the

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24 Sep 2018

Survey: Hackers acknowledge Windows flaws but prefer social engineering tricks

According to a recent survey by network security firm Thycotic, 60% of respondents answered that social engineering was the fastest way to compromise users,” even as 50% of surveyed Black Hat conference attendees answered that they had compromised Windows 8 and 10 systems in the past year. According to the

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