10 Jun 2022

Phishing, fake landing pages and emails from your boss: How crooks are targeting your crypto

Cyber criminals are sending out millions of phishing emails a day, using extortion and other schemes to steal Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from victims. The phishing attacks use a variety of techniques to trick people into transferring sums of Bitcoin, including phony requests for charity donations and business email compromise

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09 Jun 2022

Crypto has entered a bear market in 2022. Here’s how cybercrime and NFT swindles have helped fuel the downturn.

After the digital asset boom in 2021, the market has reversed course this year as investors shed positions in cryptocurrencies and NFTs amid a broader bear market and a slate of high-profile cyber-attacks in the sector. The crypto market has cratered from its peak valuation of $3 trillion in November

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01 Jun 2022

Four cryptocurrency cybersecurity risks and how to avoid them

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that can circulate without monetary authority like a government or bank. It’s an alternative form of payment created using cryptographic techniques that allow people to buy, sell, or trade digital currency. Since exchange rates are highly volatile, cryptocurrency has the potential to yield significant returns

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26 May 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Crypto Insurance

Cryptocurrency is the most exciting and unpredictable financial frontier in today’s world. The opportunities for crypto-based businesses are enormous, but so are the attendant risks. Protecting you from these downfalls is what crypto insurance is all about. Although it will safeguard your business from cybercriminals, it will also give your

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11 May 2022

Cryptocurrency: Speculative Risks

Given the economic uncertainty experienced over recent years, Bitcoin itself having been created in reaction to the 2008 financial crisis and the failure of centralized stores of wealth, investors have naturally turned their attention to alternative sources of investment; cryptocurrency and digital assets being an example of this. Accordingly, cryptocurrencies

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10 May 2022

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Cryptocurrency In An Exchange

The last thing anyone wants is to somehow lose their cryptocurrency when it could be prevented. This can happen through crypto being stolen while left in an exchange; such a loss could be potentially costly, and you may never see the digital money again. The truth is that although exchanges

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04 May 2022

Crypto Cons: Scammers Make a Killing off War in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is a global tragedy that has taken thousands of lives, with no end in sight. But for various groups of high-tech scammers, the grisly conflict has been a goldmine. With over $900 million raised by Ukraine and Ukrainian charities since Russia’s February 24 invasion began, fraudsters from

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26 Apr 2022

Crypto Capital exec Reginald Fowler pleads guilty in fraud case

After filing for a plea change last week, Reginald Fowler pled guilty today to bank fraud, bank fraud conspiracy, operation of an unlicensed money transmitting business, conspiracy to operate an unlicensed money transmitting business and wire fraud. Fowler stood accused of engaging in “shadow banking” for cryptocurrency exchanges through his

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25 Apr 2022

NY State Senator’s Bill Builds Legal Framework to Prosecute Crypto Crimes

Kevin Thomas, a New York state senator, has introduced a new bill amendment that would establish some offenses related to rug pulls and other frauds with virtual tokens as official crimes, a report says. The bill, SB S8839, would call for defining, penalizing and criminalizing frauds targeted at developers and projects

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22 Apr 2022

New York Man Arrested for Alleged $1.8M Crypto Mining Scam

The Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested a 37-year-old man on Wednesday it says defrauded more than a dozen victims out of a total of $1.8 million in a long-running crypto mining scam. Between March 2019 and September 2021, officials say Chester “Chet” Stojanovich posed as a dealer of crypto mining

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