13 Dec 2022

UK Government Department Using Unsupported Applications, Reveals Watchdog

The National Audit Office, a UK watchdog, has revealed that almost one third (30%) of the applications used by the Department of Environment, Food, and Rural affairs are currently unsupported and no longer receiving security updates. Therefore, the major UK department is relying on outdated technology and IT infrastructure meaning

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23 Nov 2022

US Offshore Oil and Gas Infrastructure at Significant Risk of Cyberattacks

The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently released a report that stresses that offshore oil and gas infrastructure faces significant cybersecurity risks. The report urges the Department of Interior to address the security risks immediately. The offshore oil and gas infrastructure consists of more than 1,600 facilities and is split

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07 Nov 2022

FBI – Beware of Cyber-Threat from Russian Hacktivists

The FBI has warned that pro-Russia hacktivists continue to target critical infrastructure with DDoS attacks. The FBI warning comes as several attacks have occurred and an uptick in activity has been detected. The Private Industry Notification was published last Friday and detailed the threat facing critical infrastructure organizations. The FBI

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19 Sep 2022

Water Tank Management System Used Worldwide Has Unpatched Security Hole

The TMS300 CS water tank management system produced by Irish building materials company Kingspan is vulnerable to attack, according to security researchers. The management system is used in critical infrastructure locations across the world and enables the user to view tank level information via a screen, web server, application, online

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17 Aug 2022

U.K. Water Supplier Hit with Clop Ransomware Attack

A UK water supplier has suffered from a ransomware attack that disrupted corporate IT systems. The attackers misidentified the victim in a post on its website containing leaked stolen data, however, the water supplier confirmed the cyberattack. Thankfully, the organization’s water supply was not impacted. The Clop ransomware group claimed

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13 Jun 2022

U.S. Water Utilities Prime Cyberattack Target, Experts

Last week the Center on Cyber and Technology Innovation (CCTI) and the Cyberspace Solarium Commission released new statements regarding the security of US water facilities. According to the statement, industrial controls governing water facilities and critical infrastructure are underprepared for cyberattacks. In addition, they remain a prime target for attackers

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03 May 2022

Europe is bracing itself for cyber warfare, but is it ready?

When the systems of three oil and transport companies in Europe and Africa were brought down on February 2, 2022, Europe was preparing for a coming war in Ukraine and the impact of tensions on the Russian border were beginning to be felt in global energy markets. The cyberattack sparked a

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14 Apr 2022

Hackers have built tools to attack these key industrial control systems

Hackers have developed new custom tools that provide for full system access to different industrial control system (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) devices. The Department of Energy, US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the NSA, and FBI urged critical infrastructure operators to upgrade the security of

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12 Apr 2022

Ukraine foiled Russian cyberattack that tried to shut down energy grid

Russian military hackers tried and failed to attack Ukraine’s energy infrastructure last week, the country’s government and a major cybersecurity company said Tuesday. The attack was designed to infiltrate computers connected to multiple substations, then delete all files, which would shut that infrastructure down, according to Ukraine’s summary of the incident. ESET,

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05 Apr 2022

These ten hacking groups have been targeting critical infrastructure and energy

Cybersecurity company Dragos recently released a report detailing how electricity, oil, gas, and other critical infrastructure facilities are being increasingly targeted by cyberattackers who seek to compromise industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT). If compromised, ICS and OT can enable attackers to disrupt or tamper with critical services.

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