12 Jan 2022

Artificial intelligence: What the C-suite needs to know

Investments in artificial intelligence (AI) have grown in recent years and discussions are now shifting from how to create business value with AI to how to do so in a responsible and ethical way. Given the potential of AI for value creation, disruption and destruction, it is imperative for executives

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07 Jan 2022

A.I. could make your company more productive—but not if it makes your people less happy

Artificial intelligence is all about productivity, right? A.I.-based software programs, such as Hubstaff, record keyboard strokes, mouse movements, and the websites employees visit when they work. Time Doctor uses webcams to shoot videos and pictures of users’ screens at periodic intervals to check whether employees are at their computers. Isaak

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24 Dec 2021

Eliminating artificial intelligence bias is everyone’s job

With reliance on AI-based decisions and operations growing by the day, it’s important to take a step back and ask if everything that can be done to assure fairness and mitigate bias is being done. There needs to be greater awareness and training behind AI deployments. Not just for developers

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20 Dec 2021

How To Build Responsible AI, Step 3: Resilience

Artificial intelligence is now an integral component of the processes and systems that drive our organizations. As AI practitioners, we must be intentional about developing, deploying and managing responsible AI — minimizing risk and removing bias while working toward our objectives. I recently defined a framework of six essential elements of

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30 Nov 2021

Managing AI Decision-Making Tools

Your business’s use of AI is only going to increase, and that’s a good thing. Digitalization allows businesses to operate at an atomic level and make millions of decisions each day about a single customer, product, supplier, asset, or transaction. But these decisions cannot be made by humans working in

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