10 May 2022

Gradually, then suddenly, the business environment has changed

In a famous line from Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, a character in the story is asked how he went bankrupt. His reply: “Two ways… gradually, then suddenly.”

This line is a catchy way to articulate the way compounding interest works in finance. It is also a good description for the S-Curve that is so frequently seen in adoption of technological innovations, where growth of a technology is usually slow and boring at first, then suddenly shoots up in exponential growth. Gradually then suddenly is also an apt description of many geopolitical trends. We have all been tracking a weakening economy of China, then suddenly their GDP is in decline. We gradually saw Russia posturing for invasion of Ukraine, then suddenly the invasion few anticipated occurs.

The result of all of this is a very turbulent business environment and a need for executives to seek out situational awareness to inform operational decisions. This post provides context from the OODA C-Suite report that will help drive awareness and decision making.

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19 Apr 2022

It’s the End of the Global Supply Chain as We Know It

What a difference a year makes. The U.S. inflation rate was at 1.4 percent when Joe Biden was sworn in as President in January 2021. In just fifteen months, it has since risen rapidly to a 40-year high of 8.5 percent, the result of global supply chain issues. Many hoped that

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18 Apr 2022

War in Ukraine – Business and Risk Management Implications

The coordinated attack by Russia on Ukraine has created a historic risk environment for operations in these countries, and for organizations around the world. Companies with interests in Russia, Ukraine and nearby eastern European countries, as well as multinational organizations, should be aware that the current situation is fluid and

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01 Feb 2022

C-suite Toolkit helps executives navigate the Artificial Intelligence landscape

The World Economic Forum has published the AI C-suite Toolkit to support executives in their Artificial Intelligence implementation decision making. The toolkit provides a holistic approach to AI, covering multiple dimensions businesses need to consider when making investments in AI. Emphasis is given on potential risks these technologies create and how

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31 Jan 2022

Human Borgs: How Artificial Intelligence Can Kill Creativity And Make Us Dumber

For decades, scientists and tech visionaries have envisioned a day when computers become so powerful that they become smarter than the human race. There is no shortage of science fiction stories and movies about robot uprisings. We are very far from that scary scenario, but at the same time, artificial

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24 Jan 2022

The never-ending effort to bake common business sense into artificial intelligence

Can common business sense be programmed into AI? Many are certainly trying to do just that. But there are decisions that often require a level of empathy — let alone common sense — that may be too difficult to embed into algorithms. In addition, while AI and machine learning are

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13 Jan 2022

Meetings In The Metaverse: Is This The Future Of Events And Conferences?

Nearly two years since Covid-19 redefined how we gather, companies are beginning to discuss the metaverse as a potential primary destination for social and professional convenings. For event professionals, this begs the question: What is the metaverse, and what does it mean for the future of meetings, seminars, expos, conventions and

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12 Jan 2022

Artificial intelligence: What the C-suite needs to know

Investments in artificial intelligence (AI) have grown in recent years and discussions are now shifting from how to create business value with AI to how to do so in a responsible and ethical way. Given the potential of AI for value creation, disruption and destruction, it is imperative for executives

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07 Jan 2022

A.I. could make your company more productive—but not if it makes your people less happy

Artificial intelligence is all about productivity, right? A.I.-based software programs, such as Hubstaff, record keyboard strokes, mouse movements, and the websites employees visit when they work. Time Doctor uses webcams to shoot videos and pictures of users’ screens at periodic intervals to check whether employees are at their computers. Isaak

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24 Dec 2021

Eliminating artificial intelligence bias is everyone’s job

With reliance on AI-based decisions and operations growing by the day, it’s important to take a step back and ask if everything that can be done to assure fairness and mitigate bias is being done. There needs to be greater awareness and training behind AI deployments. Not just for developers

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