27 Aug 2020

Cisco Patches ‘High-Severity’ Bugs Impacting Switches, Fibre Storage

Cisco has recently patched nine bugs, eight of which are classified as high severity vulnerabilities that present an active threat to users. Cisco has disclosed all eight of the flaws that impact several different aspects of its networking gear, including switches and fiber storage functions. Six security alerts were issued

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11 Mar 2020

Critical Bugs in Rockwell, Johnson Controls ICS Gear

A set of critical vulnerabilities in Rockwell Automation gear was discovered recently, and the bugs affect MicroLogix 1400 Controllers as well as MicroLogix 1100 Controllers and RSLogix 500 Software. The vulnerabilities are known to require very little skill to exploit and have been discovered in both Rockwell Automation and Johnson

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28 Jan 2020

Critical Windows 10 Browser Flaw Causes Chaos As Users Race To Fix It

Windows Media Player, Microsoft print to PDF and local USB printers are all currently plagued by a critical vulnerability mitigation in the Windows 10 browser. The US government issued a critical update now alert for all consumers operating on Microsoft Windows 10. The NSA reported the flaw, and a patch

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14 Nov 2019

Microsoft Patches RCE Bug Actively Under Attack

Microsoft has patched 74 bugs, one under active attack, as part of the Patch Tuesday security roundup. In Internet Explorer, the previously vulnerable Microsoft bug allows attackers to execute rogue code if a user opens a malicious web page of Office document, permitting the attacker to gain control of the

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