05 Apr 2021

Army Wants to Automate Base Access With Facial Recognition at Drive-Thru Checkpoints

The Army is currently developing a new biometric camera system that will allow for more thorough checks at base entrances, affirming that the people entering and exiting the facility are who they say they are. The Army has issued a call on its Small Business Innovation Research, looking to form

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25 Feb 2021

Army Outfits Paratroopers with Wearables to Gauge Stress

A new US military initiative has Alaska-based Army paratroopers sporting wearables that collect biometric data. The program aims to detect soldiers’ stress levels and how they operate in extreme environments and high pressure. The project is in collaboration with the University of Queensland, according to a recent press release. A

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04 Feb 2021

Clearview Facial-Recognition Technology Ruled Illegal in Canada

This week, Canadian authorities ruled that the use of facial recognition technology from Clearview is prohibited due to violations of federal and provincial privacy laws. Clearview has received backlash from the security industry for its controversial practice of harvesting faceprints from the internet and selling them. The company could feel

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02 Feb 2021

Greek Police to Introduce Live Facial Recognition

In Greece, law enforcement officers will receive new devices allowing them to carry out facial recognition and fingerprint identification in real-time. The live facial recognition technology is part of a 4.5 million euro smart policing project that was announced in 2017. The goal of this initiative is to identify and

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18 Jan 2021

UK Accidentally Deletes 150k Arrest Records

An unintentional erasure has plagued the United Kingdom’s government as employees rush to recover data. A technical issue seemingly caused 150,000 arrest records to be wiped from nationwide police databases. Initial investigation has pointed to human error and defective code that earmarked the wrong files for deletion as the culprit.

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14 Dec 2020

Intel Agencies Seek to Perfect Biometric Recognition from Drones

The intelligence community is seeking to add biometric identification technology to drones, however, it has faced difficulties when implementing facial recognition on the flying devices. Early experiments show that facial recognition technology’s reliability is highly dependent on lighting, camera position, and environmental factors. These elements are difficult to control at

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03 Sep 2020

Homeland Security to Propose Biometric Collection Rules

The Department of Homeland Security will likely soon propose a definition of biometrics that are authorized for collection, establishing defined guidelines for biometric surveillance and creating clear rules for this sensitive data’s uses. These regulations are long overdue, as biometric data usage has been a controversial topic over the past

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22 Jan 2020

Biometric ID a worry but still acceptable to Australians

A newly published report released by the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) investigated Australians’ opinions on the use of biometric technologies to confirm their identity. The research concluded that the vast majority of Australians are concerned about their privacy and the storage of their biometric data. 83% of those surveyed

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19 Dec 2019

Lawmakers Demand Answers on Facial Recognition Deployments in Public Housing

On Wednesday, eight Democratic lawmakers pressed the Housing and Urban Development Department to publicly address concerns on the use of facial recognition technology on federally assisted housing facilities. The lawmakers called on the department to review its policies, claiming the current policies may violate fundamental privacy and civil liberty rights.

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05 Dec 2019

Artificial Fingerprint Ring Could Combat Biometric Data Theft

Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky, Swedish 3D accessory designer Benjamin Waye, and creative agency Archetype have teamed up to create a ring that could provide an alternative option to using human fingerprints. The ring could also solve the issue of what to do if your biometric data is stolen. The jewelry consists

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