17 May 2022

Only DevSecOps can save the metaverse

Defined as a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on enhancing social connections through conventional personal computing and virtual reality and augmented reality headsets, the metaverse was once a fringe concept that few thought much, if anything, about. But more recently it was thrust into the limelight when Facebook decided

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04 Jan 2022

The metaverse isn’t what you think it is, because we don’t know what it is

Anyone who tells you what the metaverse will be is either guessing or kidding themselves. “The topic lately fills me with frustration,” says CNET’s Scott Stein, our resident expert on virtual worlds. “It’s not just about VR and AR headsets.” The metaverse will be much more nuanced than the technical

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29 Dec 2021

Why AR, not VR, will be the heart of the metaverse

My first experience in a virtual world was in 1991 as a PhD student working in a virtual reality lab at NASA. I was using a variety of early VR systems to model interocular distance (i.e. the distance between your eyes) and optimize depth perception in software. Despite being a

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27 Dec 2021

How AI, VR, AR, 5G, and blockchain may converge to power the metaverse

Emerging technologies including AI, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), 5G, and blockchain (and related digital currencies) have all progressed on their own merits and timeline. Each has found a degree of application, though clearly AI has progressed the furthest. Each technology is maturing while overcoming challenges ranging from blockchain’s

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20 Aug 2021

Drug Enforcement Feds Want Augmented Reality to Monitor U.S./Mexico Border

As augmented reality becomes more and more popular, the Drug Enforcement Administration is looking into its usage and applications at the US/Mexico border. Augmented reality superimposes computer-generated information over views of the real world. The DEA’s Aviation Division is seeking an AR mapping system to equip in government aircraft. This

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08 Mar 2021

New Report States Apple Will Release Mixed Reality Headset in 2022 and AR Glasses by 2025

There has been excitement and news headlines over Apple’s plans to venture into augmented, virtual, and mixed reality. However, projected dates for these devices’ release have been announced by prognosticator Ming Chi-Kuo. Kuo allegedly obtained access to a research note originating from TF International Securities stating that Apple plans to

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25 Mar 2019

AR Will Spark the Next Big Tech Platform—Call It Mirrorworld

While augmented reality (AR) may strike some as an over-hyped concept that has so far delivered little of value, there are strong indications that this technology may actually give rise to the third major technology platform after the Internet and social media: a digital realm dubbed “mirrorworld.” The mirrorworld would

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