05 Nov 2021

Alphabet is launching a company that uses AI for drug discovery

A new Alphabet company will use artificial intelligence methods for drug discovery, Google’s parent company announced Thursday. It’ll build off of the work done by DeepMind, another Alphabet subsidiary that has done groundbreaking work using AI to predict the structure of proteins. The new company, called Isomorphic Laboratories, will leverage that

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25 Jan 2021

Alphabet Shuts Down Loon

Alphabet has pulled the plug on its plan to bring internet access to remote areas via balloons. Meanwhile, Apple is reportedly working on a new MacBook Air. The project started out as an experiment conducted by Apple’s parent company before breaking off into its own entity in 2018. Although the

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08 May 2020

Waymo’s Self-Driving Vans Ready To Roll After COVID-19 Shutdown–But No Robotaxi Rides

Waymo has announced that it plans to restart its road tests in Phoenix next week after two months of standstill due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company will resume the self-driving van testing, however, robotaxi operations for local riders will not pick back up for the time being. On May

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24 Mar 2020

Waymo Halts All Automated Ride, Delivery And Trucking Services Over Coronavirus Concerns

Waymo, a self-driving tech unit that operates under Alphabet Inc., has announced that it is shutting down all of its current automated ride, delivery, and trucking systems until at least April 1. The move is reflective of a widespread movement of businesses shutting down to protect employees and curb the

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13 Mar 2020

Waymo Steps Up Cleaning, Adds Sanitizer To Keep Coronavirus Out Of Robotic Ride Service

Waymo is a self-driving ride service created by Alphabet Inc., which currently offers its services solely in Arizona. New pandemic, Coronavirus, has forced Waymo to initiate new hygiene actions to ensure that all 1,500 registered riders remain safe. Alphabet Inc. hopes to set the minds of their suburban Phoenix riders

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11 Mar 2020

Waymo’s $30 Billion Valuation Shows The New Reality Of Automated Driving Is Sinking In

Waymo is an automated driving company created by Google in 2009. Before 2020, Waymo had not received any investments outside of Google or Alphabet. However, this week Waymo released a surprise announcement that they had received an outside investment of $2.25 billion dollars. For many, this investment constituted a newfound

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03 Mar 2020

Waymo Raises $2.25 Billion In First Funding Round With Non-Alphabet Backers

Alphabet’s self-driving car unit, Waymo, announced that it has raised $2.25 billion from investors, including Silicon Valley private equity and venture firms Silver Lake Partners and Andreessen Horowitz. Other investors include the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and Mubadala Investment, which is based in Abu Dhabi. Waymo is emerging as

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