20 Jul 2021

Researchers Create Drone Swarms That Can Detect Gas Leaks, Other Threats

New research has pointed towards the creation of the first autonomous small drone swarm capable of detecting gas leaks, chemical threats, and mapping without the aid of GPS systems. The research may be pertinent to the military, where there has been an increasing interest in small drones that are able

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31 Jul 2020

Photo Tweaks Could Protect Your Privacy from Algorithms

According to researchers, a new technique could protect users’ privacy online, safeguarding sensitive information that lies in photos uploaded to social media. The subtle change is not noticeable to humans, however, it renders certain features undetectable by algorithms. Facebook and Instagram have the capability to automatically tag a user in

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10 Mar 2020

Predicting the Coronavirus Outbreak: How AI Connects the Dots to Warn About Disease Threats

BlueDot’s Al algorithm is being featured in news programs everywhere for its ability to predict new Coronavirus outbreak locations days before official alerts come from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization. BlueDot is a Canadian artificial intelligence firm that uses both official and

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09 Mar 2020

Prosthetic Offers Real-Time Mind Control of Robotic Hand

Scientists have figured out how to tap nerves and amplify their signals to create precise finger control in robotic hands using muscle grafts around nerve endings and brain-machine interface algorithms. This is groundbreaking technology for individuals with amputations. This approach to amplifying nerve signals is unique because it allows lets

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15 Jan 2020

NASA And Amazon Are Teaming Up To Build An App That Can Predict Solar Superstorms

Amazon announced a collaboration with NASA that aims to predict solar superstorms through machine learning applications. Superstorms are rare, therefore there are very few historical examples that can be used in the algorithm training process. Amazon’s AWS Professional Services and Machine Learning Solutions Lab have stated that they will use

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02 Jan 2020

The Pentagon Wants AI-Driven Drone Swarms for Search and Rescue Ops

The Defense Department’s central artificial intelligence development effort is planning on building a swarm of AI-equipped drones that can independently track and identify targets. The drone force would primarily be used for search and rescue missions and potentially save lives. The Pentagon’s JAIC issued a request for information recently in

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17 Dec 2019

New York Just Set a ‘Dangerous Precedent’ on Algorithms, Experts Warn

New York City announced a task force to develop a policy on algorithm technologies two years ago, but it has since been bogged down in a bureaucratic mess, failing to gain access to basic information about automated systems already in use. Last week, a shadow report was published in response

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