11 Jul 2022

To stop quantum hackers, the US just chose these four quantum-resistant encryption algorithms

The US Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology recently announced four quantum-resistant cryptographic algorithms hand selected by the institute to be applied to general encryption and digital signatures. The NIST serves as the US’s standards setting body and research organization within the Department of Commerce. The algorithms

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08 Jun 2021

French Antitrust Regulator Slaps $268 Million Fine on Google

Google has been fined a total of $268 million by the French antitrust regulator for abusing its dominant position in the online advertising market, according to media sources. The find has not been disputed by Google and was enacted due to the tech giant favoring its own Google Ad Manager

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21 May 2021

Twitter drops automated image-cropping tool after determining it was biased

This week, Twitter admitted that an algorithm responsible for the platform’s automatic photo cropping feature was biased. Twitter has since removed the feature from its platform. The social media company released a blog post on Wednesday, stating that it had analyzed the artificial intelligence algorithm that crops images before they

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21 May 2021

These Ex-Journalists Are Using AI to Catch Online Defamation

CaliberAI is a technology startup looking to detect online defamation through the use of artificial intelligence, providing an extra set of eyes to reporters and editors who may be writing pieces containing potential libel. The company is based out of Europe, where defamation lawsuits are easier to bring against publishers

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12 Nov 2020

Amazon Says Alexa Can Predict ‘Latent’ Requests—Even If You Don’t Say Them

Amazon has stated that its in-home voice assistant technology Alexa can anticipate and respond to user requests that are not explicitly stated, called a latent request. The company made the announcement on Wednesday, and critics have already called the new feature creepy and have expressed concerns over privacy violations over

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31 Aug 2020

Algorithms Help Spot Possible Suicidal Intent Among Veterans’ Social Posts

A new social media platform that is designed to connect both active and retired US Military members has now been outfitted with a new custom machine learning model that can allegedly predict signs of potential self-harm or suicidal intent. The algorithm assesses posts made on the platform and identifies those

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20 Mar 2020

Infrared AI cameras could help spot coronavirus carriers at polling places

Athena Security, a company originally created to spotting guns, has announced that they are creating technology that can identify coronavirus carriers through fever detection functions. Athena first launched its keystone program in 2018, which used thermal imaging and computer vision to detect concealed guns, however, the company has switched gears

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10 Mar 2020

The Pentagon’s AI Shop Takes A Venture Capital Approach to Funding Tech

The Pentagon is shifting its approach to funding and building tech for customers. The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) will now use a serious A, B approach to building new devices for consumers. Mulchandani, versed in successful startups, has brought a new venture capital approach to JAIC. Now when consumers

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04 Mar 2020

Israel Applies AI To Healthcare, Building On Leadership In Cybersecurity, Digital Medical Records

The novel coronavirus outbreak has brought medical statistics to attention worldwide, and companies have announced that they are looking into utilizing AI algorithms in patient data to identify unvaccinated high-risk individuals. One of these companies is Medial EarlySign, an Israeli startup that has developed algorithms that are designed to assist

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10 Feb 2020

CBP Is Upgrading to a New Facial Recognition Algorithm in March

Customs and Border Protection is preparing to upgrade the underlying algorithm running its current facial recognition technology program. CBP will be using the latest technology from a company given the highest rating for accuracy in tests developed and administered by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The CBP has

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