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These Ex-Journalists Are Using AI to Catch Online Defamation

CaliberAI is a technology startup looking to detect online defamation through the use of artificial intelligence, providing an extra set of eyes to reporters and editors who may be writing pieces containing potential libel. The company is based out of Europe, where defamation lawsuits are easier to bring against publishers and occur more frequently. In the US, the First Amendment offers journalists extra protection, and the Communications Decency Act protects American companies from liability over user posts, such as Facebook. However, social media platforms around the world may witness a new version of legal liability that newspapers have been combatting for years.

Defamation plays a huge role in the history of the internet, according to CaliberAI. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act was originally created in 1996 to deal with the fallout from a libel lawsuit. Traditional media outlets often face harsh liability rules for publishing defamatory claims, sometimes unknowingly. CaliberAI is looking to create algorithms that can detect when a journalist or publisher is creating a piece or script that may contain untrue or defamatory information and catch the flaw before it’s published.

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