08 Feb 2021

Tesla Buys $1.5 Billion in Bitcoin

On Monday, Tesla announced that it had invested $1.5 billion in bitcoin and is planning to seek options for accepting the cryptocurrency as payment for its products in the near future. The purchase sent the price of bitcoin soaring after the Monday announcement, which was included in Tesla’s latest annual

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05 Feb 2021

Microsoft Partnership Will Bring New Cloud Service to DOD Microelectronics Project

On Thursday, Microsoft announced new partnerships with ten different companies that will aim to support Defense Department projects using Azure cloud services. In October of 2020, the DoD rewarded Microsoft and IBM a transaction authority contract totaling $24.5 million to assist the agency on a program called the Rapid Assured

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04 Feb 2021

VA Partners with AT&T to Extend its 5G Experimentation

The Veterans Affairs Department (VA) has announced it is expanding its 5G footprint to the Seattle Puget Sound Health Care System. The expansion is made possible through a partnership between the VA and AT&T. The health care hub will capitalize on the technology with experiments in telemedicine, wearables, and virtual

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04 Feb 2021

Clearview Facial-Recognition Technology Ruled Illegal in Canada

This week, Canadian authorities ruled that the use of facial recognition technology from Clearview is prohibited due to violations of federal and provincial privacy laws. Clearview has received backlash from the security industry for its controversial practice of harvesting faceprints from the internet and selling them. The company could feel

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03 Feb 2021

Singapore passes bill governing police use of contact tracing data

On Tuesday, Singapore passed new legislation that restricts law enforcement’s ability to access Covid-19 contact tracing data after extensive public backlash. The bill, called the Covid-19 Temporary Measures Amendment Bill, was passed under a Certificate of Urgency, which allows the government to speed up the adoption process for legislation considered

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02 Feb 2021

Greek Police to Introduce Live Facial Recognition

In Greece, law enforcement officers will receive new devices allowing them to carry out facial recognition and fingerprint identification in real-time. The live facial recognition technology is part of a 4.5 million euro smart policing project that was announced in 2017. The goal of this initiative is to identify and

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01 Feb 2021

Facial Recognition Ethical Framework Launched by BSIA

A new guide has been released by the British Security Industry Association, detailing the ethical and legal uses of facial recognition technology, particularly Automated Facial Recognition (AFR). The document outlines the steps organizations are obligated to take regarding using facial recognition tech responsibly while avoiding ethical issues. The framework seeks

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29 Jan 2021

MIT’s oncological risk AI calculates cancer chances regardless of race

In the healthcare industry, artificial intelligence and machine learning systems are shaping cancer treatment and diagnoses. The smart technology can understand X-rays and rapidly generate MRIs, aiding doctors in spotting areas of concern when it comes to cancer. The systems have proven effective at detecting early signs of breast cancer

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28 Jan 2021

Research Center Preps for $35M Supercomputer to Study Earth as a Complex System

The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) announced that it plans to reveal a powerful supercomputer in 2021 that will aid researchers seeking to study a nascent branch of science the ability to gain a more comprehensive idea of the Earth system as well as analyze phenomena like solar storms,

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27 Jan 2021

HHS Makes Strategic Moves to Achieve Ultimate ‘Artificial Intelligence Ambition’

The Health and Human Services Department has released an artificial intelligence strategy that aims to guide the organization in upcoming efforts involving cutting edge technology. The 7-page plan outlines a strategic approach to push the agency into the next era of technology, broadening tech fluency and accelerating AI-centered pursuits. The

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