02 Aug 2018

The way you swipe your phone can be used to track you

A group of Australian researchers published a paper on how swipes, taps, key strokes, and handwriting on touch screen devices can be used to identify individuals. “While regular tracking tracks virtual identities such as online profiles, touch-based tracking has the potential to track and identify the actual (physical) person operating

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31 Jul 2018

Identity theft protection service accidentally exposes identities

A website bug was responsible for exposing millions of email addresses belonging to customers of LifeLock, an identity protection service acquired by Symantec in 2016 for $2.3 billion.  Source: Identity Theft Protection Service Accidentally Exposes Identities – Nextgov

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30 Jul 2018

Pentagon Creates ‘Do Not Buy’ List of Russian, Chinese Software

The Pentagon is distributing a “Do Not Buy” list of software that fails to meet national security standards. The list was started 6 months ago but while circulation among the military and its contractors started last week in response to “specific issues.” The defense undersecretary for acquisition and sustainment announced

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27 Jul 2018

Bidding Begins for Pentagon’s Controversial $10 Billion War Cloud

The DoD is now accepting proposals for its 10-year, $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) cloud contract, to be awarded to a single provider. The controversial contract will make a commercial company responsible for important workloads and classified military secrets accessible around the globe “in a single war cloud.”

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19 Jul 2018

Lethal Autonomous Weapons: Over 160 A.I. companies make pledge against development of the technology

More than 160 companies in the Artificial Intelligence sector signed a pledge not to develop deadly autonomous weapons. The short document declares “the decision to take a human life should never be delegated to a machine,” and that “lethal autonomous weapons, selecting and engaging targets without human intervention, would be

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17 Jul 2018

At least 2 dead in violence after France World Cup victory

4,000 police officers were deployed around the city of Paris on Sunday after France’s World Cup victory over Croatia. Thousands of revelers took to the streets and a portion of the crowd turned violent around midnight, with some people throwing projectiles at police, breaking shop windows and looting stores along

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13 Jul 2018

Which US aerospace and defense sectors excelled in 2017?

The U.S. aerospace and defense industry accounts for nearly 2% of GDP, generating $865 billion in economic output in 2017. This strong output is reliant on a number of global and domestic economic, political, and even environmental factors. With technology and demand changes, however, sub-sectors shift and move from year

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11 Jul 2018

French security services ‘on the verge of implosion’, Senators warn

A recent report to the French Senate based on an investigation in 2017 has described security services in France as nearing “crisis,” with one of the authors stating that it is “on the verge of implosion.” The study cites insufficient spending, understaffing, poor equipment, and high suicide rates as severe

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10 Jul 2018

The Pentagon Wants to Automate Some Classification Decisions

“The Pentagon is in the market for an automated tool that can help determine what level documents should be classified at and who should be able to access them, according to contracting documents. The system should also be able to automatically redact information from a document when the document is

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29 Jun 2018

Australia warns of cold war-style espionage as it passes law banning covert foreign interference in politics

Australia passed two pieces of national security legislation that critics complain criminalizes dissent and is unnecessarily directed towards China, the country’s largest trading partner. The laws ban covert foreign interference in politics, criminalize industrial espionage, and create a public register where lobbyists for foreign governments must be listed. Proponents emphasize

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