29 Jun 2018

NSA deletes years of call records, says it exceeded legal limit

The National Security Agency is “deleting all call detail records (CDRs) acquired since 2015” to meet the requirements of the 2015 USA Freedom Act. This act ended the secret collection of call detail records, replacing the practice with a process in which the NSA requests specified records from the relevant

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11 Dec 2017

The American Way of War Is Based On Tech: Don’t Let It Be Our Downfall!

“My hope in sharing this is to get you to read this short story and think about it in a context of today’s military. The lessons from this story are the same lessons which should be learned from Thucydides and Sun Tzu and countless others. These are the same lessons that should have been

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19 Sep 2013

The Growing Threat of Maritime Terrorism

Introduction The 21st century has seen large-scale, well-organized terrorist attacks by Islamist terrorists on nearly every continent. These same terrorists and terrorist organizations have leveraged the cyber domain to support recruitment, training, and attacks. The maritime frontier, however, is perhaps the one that has continued comparatively untouched throughout the history

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06 Sep 2013

Why “Cyberwar” Isn’t Happening

“Cyberwar” is an imprecise and ugly term. Equal parts misleading and ambiguous, the term cyberwar has somehow battled its way into our modern lexicon and is used vaguely to describe acts of virtual aggression. Most often, cyberwar is used to describe an ill-defined and inevitable sate of computer-centric conflict between

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05 Sep 2013

We’re only Human: Addressing the Cyber Threat Origin

Private entities are pouring money and manpower into creating the best technologies to help mitigate a host of threats in the cyber realm. The US federal government is increasingly following this strategy. Yet, even cutting edge technology cannot determine one of the most critical and elusive intelligence questions: motivation. What

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05 Sep 2013

A Square Peg in a Round Hole? Turkey’s Fledgling Bid for EU Candidacy

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26 Jul 2013

Skid Row Terrorist

The rubric of terrorism studies embeds terrorist TTPs (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures) within the overall context of motivations and intent that a terrorist are/is presumed to have. This is further fundamentally subordinate to the over-arching al-Qaeda framework. However, if we consider characters such as the ‘dishevelled or nihilist terrorist’ (Flaherty,

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25 May 2013

Bluster or Nuclear War? The Recent Threat Escalation on the Korean Peninsula

With rising tensions in northeast Asia inflamed by recent North Korean threats and ever-greater levels of belligerent rhetoric, the world is on edge, watching the Hermit Kingdom with concern. North Korea has continued to increase the belligerence ante. Within the past months, North Korea has successfully tested a long-range missile

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12 Apr 2013

When Armies Divide: The Security of Nuclear Arsenals During Revolts, Coups, and Civil Wars

In this brief volume Jenkins takes a detailed look at the General’s putsch, which was a 1961 coup attempt by a group of retired French Generals against President Charles de Gaulle. However, it is not the putsch itself that attracts Jenkins’ analytical attention, but the chaos surrounding the status of

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11 Feb 2013

West Africa: Terrorism’s New Front Yard

Introduction There is a new front in the global fight against terrorism and terrorists. Ethnic, religious, and political tensions in West Africa, simmering for the past few years, have boiled over into widespread violence and coordinated military efforts throughout the region. A recent attack at an oil facility in Algeria

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