12 Nov 2015

FBI Arrests Virginia-Based Subjects for Plots Related to White Supremacy Extremism

On November 8 2015 the FBI arrested Robert Curtis Doyle and Ronald Beasley Chaney III, for acquisition of firearms by prohibited persons, and Charles Daniel Halderman, for conspiracy to commit a Hobbs Act violation. According to the FBI, he purpose of the conspiracy was, in part, to rob and kill

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24 Oct 2015

FBI Warns of Black Market BioToxin Shipping Trends

In an October 16, 2015 Intelligence Bulletin to law enforcement the FBI has warned of the continued potential for biological toxins such as ricin to be shipped using covert tradecraft to obfuscate the mail contents. There have been several incidents in which individuals were arrested after trying to obtain biotoxins

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22 Oct 2015

10 Red Teaming Lessons Learned Over 20 Years

I’ve been a red teamer for twenty years now, perhaps even longer, but I didn’t know what to call it until 1995 when I started working with the Department of Defense. I’ve also been fortunate to participate in or lead hundreds of red teams within many divergent disciplines ranging from

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30 Sep 2015

Cyber Security Implications of China’s 10-Year, $250 Billion Latin America Investment Plan

The People’s Republic of China’s recently stated plans to invest $250 billion in Latin America over the next 10 years will likely have cyber security implications for U.S. private sector entities operating in the region. Such implications may include increased targeted intrusion attempts by China-linked cyber espionage actors,

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11 Sep 2015

Burundi Conflict: Current Unrest is Not an Ethnic Conflict

Before late-Spring of this year, few internationally-minded Americans would have been able to say anything of consequence about Burundi, perhaps beyond that it is in Africa. The country is small, resource-poor, and relatively politically insignificant, both regionally and internationally. In May, however, an election-related political conflict escalated into a military

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24 Jun 2015

The Yemen Cyber Army: Profile and Analysis

On May 2015, actors claiming affiliation with the Yemen Cyber Army compromised the Government of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) website, posting sensitive government data on multiple file-sharing websites. Reporting indicates that the data included Saudi travel visas, personally identifiable information (PII) for Saudi citizens, email messages belonging

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24 Jun 2015

The Americans Supporting ISIS

A state and local Fusion Center has compiled an analysis of the Americans supporting ISIS as an informational tool for law enforcement and first responders. Since late 2014, ISIS has implemented an aggressive, calculated plan to infuse the internet via social media with propaganda, specifically targeting western sympathizers. The use

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16 Jun 2015

The Cybersecurity Infantry, Part II: “Underground” Operations

In the first post in this series, I highlighted the broad utility of the sensible and timely tactical retreat. In this post, I explore the power of operating “underground.” Once again, I turn to H. John Poole’s Phantom Soldier, where he describes the challenge of fighting an adversary who operates

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09 Jun 2015

DHS/FBI Issues Warning Regarding the Threat of Chemical Terrorism

A joint release to law enforcement by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI highlights the ongoing risk of terrorist used of chemical weapons in an attack. According to the release: “Violent extremists continue to encourage the use of toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) to conduct attacks through violent extremist

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27 May 2015

The Cybersecurity Infantry, Part I: Retreat for Advantage

Read retired Marine H. John Poole’s Phantom Soldier. It doesn’t matter if you’re not in the infantry; read it anyway. It will open your eyes to the Eastern way of small-unit tactics. And while you’re reading it, contemplate the manifold parallels to cybersecurity. It will open your eyes to the

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