03 Aug 2018

Enhancing the Effectiveness of International Criminal Justice

Domain experts have called into question the effectiveness of the International Criminal Court.

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15 Dec 2016

Terrorists want to destroy our cities. We can’t let them

“Veteran police officer John Sullivan coined the term ‘urban siege’ in 2009 in the wake of the Mumbai attacks. The terrorists in India were highly organized and received guidance and real-time logistical support from offsite handlers in Pakistan. They were also hyper-connected: operatives were equipped with smartphones and used social

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01 Feb 2014

NIMS Intelligence/Investigations Function Guidance and Field Operations Guide

The National Incident Management System (NIMS) represents a core set of doctrine, concepts, principles, terminology, and organizational processes that enables effective, efficient, and collaborative incident management. The Incident Command System (ICS), as a component of NIMS, establishes a consistent operational framework that enables government, private sector, and nongovernmental organizations to

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02 Apr 2012

Government plans web and email surveillance to combat crime and terrorism

“Web browsing habits, email conversations and phone calls will be monitored by the government under new legislation set to be unveiled in May. The government is planning to announce the legislation in the Queen’s Speech in May, with Home Office confirming it believes such steps are necessary to tackle criminality

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13 Mar 2011

Organized Crime and Terrorist Activity in Mexico, 1999-2002

This study is based on open source research into the scope of organized crime and terrorist activity in the Republic of Mexico during the period 1999 to 2002, and the extent of cooperation and possible overlap between criminal and terrorist activity in that country. The analyst examined those organized crime

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08 Feb 2011

Intelligence Co-production and Transaction Analysis for Counterterrorism and Counter-netwar

Combatting networked threats requires new approaches to producing intelligence to support a range of operations. Contemporary networked threats include terrorism and insurgency. This paper describes the need for a distributed global network for the co-production of intelligence. It introduces the concept of Intelligence Preparation for Operations (IPO) and describes a

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13 Oct 2010

Intelligence-led Mitigation

This paper explores methods for capitalizing on existing law enforcement intelligence capabilities to provide intelligence support to decision makers for a full spectrum of public safety and emergency service operations. Intelligence-led mitigation is a management philosophy and business process to proactively guide strategic, operational, and tactical decisions for mitigating the

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22 Dec 2008

Criminal Netwarriors in Mexico’s Drug Wars

Mexico is imploding in a series of interlocking ‘criminal insurgencies’ culminating in a virtual civil war. Kidnappings, assassinations, beheadings, shoot-outs:  Mexico is gripped by combat between drug cartels, gangs and the police. Mexican President Felipe Calderon starkly states: “It’s a War.” The Drug War in Mexico has killed 6,836 people

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04 Apr 2008

Analytical Approaches for Sensing Novel and Emerging Threats

We are proud to feature this new paper by John Sullivan: Security and public safety agencies must address a range of current and emerging  threats. These range from conflicts, strategic crime, terrorism, disease and natural hazards, as well as the confluence of any or all occurring at a given point

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01 Jul 2006

Developing a Group Strategic Threat and Modus Operandi Profile Analytical Framework

This paper will outline the conceptual contours of developing a Group Strategic Threat and Modus Operandi Profile (GSTMOP) Analytical Framework as an element of John P. Sullivan’s IPO and Transaction Analysis Cycle counterterrorism intelligence frameworks. It will examine the constellations of group variables such as group psychologies, group behaviors and

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