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Blood and Concrete – New Urban Operations Anthology Released

 Several OODA Network Experts have published a new book on urban operations.

 This newly released anthology documents over a decade of writings on urban conflict:  Blood and Concrete: 21st Century Conflict in Urban Centers and Megacities. The editors, Dave Dilegge, Robert J. Bunker, John P. Sullivan, and Alma Keshavarz assembled a curated collection of 49 articles from the SWJ archives covering a broad range of urban warfare and urban operations topics. In addition to archival content, the volume contains an introduction by the editors, a preface on “Blood and Concrete” by David Kilcullen, a foreword “Urban Warfare Studies” by John Spencer, a postscript “Cities in the Crossfire: The Rise of Urban Violence” by Margarita Konaev, and an afterword “Urban Operations: Meeting Challenges, Seizing Opportunities, Improving the Approach” by Russell W. Glenn.  These contributions by leading scholars and practitioners continue the legacy of Small War’s Journal’s coverage of urban operations, conflict and combat while preparing the way to negotiate future urban conflict in megacities and beyond.

Purchase a copy at – Blood and Concrete:  21st Century Conflict in Urban Centers and Megacities.

John P. Sullivan

John P. Sullivan

Dr. John P. Sullivan served as a lieutenant with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department; specializing in emergency operations, transit policing, counterterrorism and intelligence. He is an Instructor in the Safe Communities Institute (SCI) at the Sol Price School of Public Policy - University of Southern California, Senior El Centro Fellow at Small Wars Journal, and Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Global Observatory of Transnational Criminal Networks. His doctoral dissertation at the Open University of Catalonia examined the impact of transnational crime on sovereignty. His current research focus is terrorism, transnational gangs and organized crime, conflict disaster, intelligence studies, post-conflict policing, sovereignty and urban operations.