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Top 10 Sensemaking and Executive Guide Pages of 2021

It has been another interesting and dynamic year on the security and intelligence front and OODA Loop was there to cover it all.  The following list is comprised of the Top 10 Sensemaking and Member Resources Pages of 2021 as determined by the number of page views for each page.  If you value our analysis, please consider a subscription (click here). One hundred percent of the subscription goes towards the curation of our popular Daily Intelligence Report and original topical analysis.

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#1 – The Executive’s Guide To Mitigating The Ransomware Threat: This post, produced with inputs from real-world cybersecurity practitioners Matt Devost, Bob Flores, Junaid Islam, and Bob Gourley, provides information for the Corporate Board of Directors and the CEO. In our experience, the guidance provided here can mitigate the existential risks of a ransomware infection to a low level.  This is the second part of our special series on Ransomware. The first provided an update on the nature of the threat, including an anatomy of a modern attack.

#2 – Using Artificial Intelligence For Competitive Advantage in Business:  AI technologies are making continuous advances in domains like industrial robotics, logistics, speech recognition, and translation, banking, medicine, and advanced scientific research. But in almost every case, the cutting-edge AI that drives the advances drops from attention, becoming almost invisible when it becomes part of the overall system. The fact that most AI use today is invisible can lead to the erroneous assumption that it is not delivering on expected value, and this can translate to caution when considering new ways of applying AI to business operations. If your competition becomes apathetic about AI they may be doing you a favor. To keep your organization from doing them a favor back, we provide our recommendations for your approach to an AI strategy here.

#3 – The OODA C-Suite Report: Operational Intelligence for Business Leaders:  What is the value of an informed decision? At OODA Loop, we seek to surface decision intelligence that provides meaningful perspective for leaders and analysts looking to make the most informed decisions possible. This list below represents developments that fit the category of operating in a VUCA world, identifying and responding to Gray Rhino risks, or opportunities from advancements in emerging technology domains. These are issues we think our members should be tracking and map to collection requirements for our team to keep you as informed as possible.  We categorize and summarize these big trends into Geopolitical Issues, Technology Trends, Cyber Risk Issues, and Recommendations for Action.

#4 – C-Suite Considerations Regarding Current Geopolitical Tensions:  Something is different in the geopolitical situation today. The reasons are probably a combination of factors that include the pandemic, the rise of the global grid of cyberspace, plus the payoff of years of planning and strategic moves by our adversaries. But whatever the reasons, the world today is more complicated and more dangerous than the world of just a year ago, and in many cases the risks being faced by open societies have never been seen before. The changes are so significant, OODA recommends all business leaders take stock of the geopolitical situation and assess how the nature of these changes should impact your business strategy.

#5 – A Traveling Executive’s Guide to Cybersecurity: One of the most frequent questions we are asked by global executives and their security teams is how to protect their information and technology systems while traveling abroad.  With this in mind, we built this reference with an eye towards serving the OODA members who travel abroad for business, especially those who will operate in a nation that is NOT a Western-style liberal democracy.  Of course, these tips also apply to individuals traveling abroad for non-business purposes or who just want to improve their overall individual security posture.

#6 – Cybersecurity Sensemaking:  The list of cybersecurity-related research below is broken into two major parts, Research and Analysis on Threats and Research and Analysis on Defensive strategies.

#7 –  Potential Future Opportunities, Risks and Mitigation Strategies in the Age of Continuous Crisis:  Now more than ever, organizations need to apply rigorous thought to business risks and opportunities. In doing so it is useful to understand the concepts embodied in the terms Black Swan and Gray Rhino.

#8 – Artificial Intelligence Sensemaking:  This page serves as a dynamic resource for OODA Network members looking for Artificial Intelligence information to drive their decision-making process.

#9 – COVID-19 Sensemaking:  This page serves as a dynamic resource for OODA Network members looking for Coronavirus/COVID-19 information to drive their decision-making process.

#10 – Advanced Technology Sensemaking:  This page serves as a dynamic resource for OODA Network members looking for insights into the current and future technologies. We focus on the technology developments you need to track to inform your decision-making. This collection of resources includes content produced exclusively for OODA members as well as a continually updated list of insights from our daily pulse report.

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Daniel Pereira

Daniel Pereira

Daniel Pereira is research director at OODA. He is a foresight strategist, creative technologist, and an information communication technology (ICT) and digital media researcher with 20+ years of experience directing public/private partnerships and strategic innovation initiatives.