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Expert Practitioner and QuintessenceLabs CEO Vikram Sharma on Quantum Effects and Quantum Security

Vikram Sharma is the CEO of QuintessenceLabs, a company he founded to leverage an understanding of how physics works at the quantum level to address some of the biggest issues in cybersecurity. In this discussion at OODAcon, Vikram provided a high level overview of what years of quantum theory and 1000’s of experiments on the nature of reality tell us about the nature of reality, especially reality when measured at the smallest scale.

His insights into the world of quantum mechanics includes a description of some of some very strange observations, which are seen again and again in experiment after experiment. For example, at the quantum level:

  • A particle can be a wave and a wave can be a particle.
  • Two particles can behave as if they know what the other is doing, even when separated
  • Measuring a particle changes it
  • At totally random, unpredictable intervals, sometimes small bits of matter come into existence and then go away again

Vikram provided an easy to follow description of many other aspects of this nature of reality at its lowest level, and then led us to a deeper understanding of how quantum computers leverage physics of the real world to change the ways humans can compute. He then described approaches used by QuintessenceLabs to leverage quantum effects to generate extremely random computer keys and also how they use other effects to generate and transmit keys. QuintessenceLab’s approach to key management and enterprise encryption is also discussed.

Bob Gourley

Bob Gourley

Bob Gourley is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of OODA LLC, the technology research and advisory firm with a focus on artificial intelligence and cybersecurity which publishes Bob is the co-host of the popular podcast The OODAcast. Bob has been an advisor to dozens of successful high tech startups and has conducted enterprise cybersecurity assessments for businesses in multiple sectors of the economy. He was a career Naval Intelligence Officer and is the former CTO of the Defense Intelligence Agency.