21 Jan 2020

US Retailer Hanna Andersson Hacked to Steal Credit Cards

Hanna Andersson has publicly disclosed that its website was hacked and malicious code was used to stead customers’ payment information for almost two months. The US children’s clothing company was hit by Magecart, an attack in which threat actors hack into vulnerable e-commerce platforms. The attack used web skimmers to collect

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02 Jun 2006

3 terrorists killed near RSS headquarters

Nagpur: Three heavily armed terrorists were killed in an encounter with the police when they tried to enter the closely guarded RSS headquarters in Nagpur in the wee hours of Thursday. Three AK-56 rifles, a huge quantity of RDX and 12 hand grenades were recovered from the slain terrorists, who

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02 Jan 2001

CPM, RSS workers injured in bomb attacks

In a fresh bout of violence, two CPM and an equal number of RSS workers were injured when activists of both groups hurled bombs at each other in the volatile Panur region here on Monday night,the police said on Tuesday. Full Story

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20 Aug 2020

CISA Warns of New RAT Aimed at US Defense Contractors

The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) previously issued a malware report in which they detailed a new remote-access trojan variant used by APT groups in North Korea. The report claims that the remote access trojan, BLINDINGCAN, is associated with the government of North Korea. The

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12 Sep 2019

Cyber Threat Analysis Report Vol 1, Edition 10

OODA’s Cyber Threat Analysis Report provides the “so what” behind the news and events we track on a daily basis. When it comes to putting cyber news in context, there really is no substitute for experience. The context in this report is provided by one of the most highly regarded cybersecurity practitioners and pioneer of cyber threat intelligence (and OODA Network expert) Mike Tanji. In this edition, Mike brings context into the ransomware attacks against cities, the changing situation regarding best practices in perimeter defense, stunt hacking and many other hot topics you will want to track.

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19 Jul 2019

Cyber Threat Analysis Report Vol 1, Edition 8

Is FaceApp a privacy breach or a blah?  This story and more in the analysis by Mike Tanji in this week’s Cyber Threat Analysis Report.

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22 Feb 2019

The Cyber Threat Analysis Report Volume 1, Edition 1

OODA Network Expert Michael Tanji provides insightful analysis of the most recent and significant cyber news.

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29 Jan 2018

Belgium braces for return of foreign fighters

“European governments have been warned for years to be prepared for some dreaded homecomings —  radicalized citizens returning  from ‘Islamic State’ (IS) war zones.  As the global coalition retakes territory that IS once claimed as its ‘caliphate,’ some fighters who hold European passports are expected to make full use of them.” Source: Belgium braces for return of

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05 Jan 2018

The quantum computing apocalypse is imminent

“But the computing power that gives cyber-defenders super-tools to detect attacks can be misused, as well. Last year, scientists at MIT and the University of Innsbruck were able to build a quantum computer with just five qubits, conceptually demonstrating the ability of future quantum computers to break the RSA encryption scheme.” Source:

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05 Jan 2018

Let’s make up, Turkish foreign minister tells Germany

“Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu called on Friday for a fresh start in his country’s rocky relationship with Germany, holding out the prospect of closer economic cooperation, particularly in transport and energy, if ties improved.” Source: Let’s make up, Turkish foreign minister tells Germany

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