22 Sep 2022

Is Ether A Security? How The Merge Reignited Questions Around Crypto Regulation

As the Ethereum merge fades into the background, and even the potential disruption caused by the ETHPoW has seemed to fizzle out, several questions have come back to forefront; how should crypto be regulated? Which regulatory agency should have the authority to decide this, and how will said regulation come

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20 Sep 2022

Nasdaq is preparing to launch an institutional crypto custody service

Equity exchange operator Nasdaq has been plotting a move into institutional crypto custody service, according to several people briefed by the company. The firm, which operates markets in U.S. and global equities, is no stranger to the cryptocurrency market, having served as a provider of market surveillance technology to cryptocurrency exchange

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13 Sep 2022

SEC Chair Stands Firm: ‘Vast Majority’ of Cryptocurrency Tokens Are Securities

In prepared remarks delivered at the Practising Law Institute’s “SEC Speaks” program on September 8, Chair Gensler emphasized and reiterated his long-standing position that the vast majority of cryptocurrency tokens are securities, and he noted that “only a small number of tokens, even though they may represent a significant portion

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13 Sep 2022

The Ethereum Merge Is Set to Take Place This Week. What Investors Should Know About How It Will Influence the Price

It’s a big week for Ethereum: Its big merge is set for Thursday, and investors could see big price movement when it happens. This major network upgrade will see Ethereum transition from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake. The upgrade will address concerns about its environmental impact and dramatically improve its transaction speed,

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12 Sep 2022

3 major mistakes to avoid when trading cryptocurrency futures markets

Many traders frequently express some relatively large misconceptions about trading cryptocurrency futures, especially on derivatives exchanges outside the realm of traditional finance. The most common mistakes involve futures markets’ price decoupling, fees and the impact of liquidations on the derivatives instrument. Let’s explore three simple mistakes and misconceptions that traders

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07 Sep 2022

Bitcoin hits lowest level since June as cryptocurrency market drops below $1 trillion again

Bitcoin traded below $19,000 on Wednesday morning, hitting its lowest level since June following a drop in stock markets globally and the continued strength of the U.S. dollar. The value of the entire cryptocurrency market also fell below $1 trillion as digital coins across the board saw a sell-off. Bitcoin

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30 Aug 2022

DeFi vs. CeFi: Decentralization for the win?

Centralized finance platforms have taken a huge credibility hit due to poor risk controls, but decentralized finance protocols haven’t escaped unscathed either. So, is DeFi or CeFi likely to emerge stronger from this current period of turmoil, or is the future likely to see some sort of hybrid of the

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22 Aug 2022

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency CPAs—Evolution of the Profession

The irony about needing accountants who understand digital assets is that blockchains themselves are transaction ledgers with automated record-keeping—a blockchain is a giant check register. The technical properties of blockchains means data can never be deleted, only added or read, while transactions and balances can be instantly verified with 100%

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18 Aug 2022

How to Trade on sudoswap, the NFT Market’s Answer to Uniswap

sudoswap is making NFT trading even easier. Launched in May 2022, sudoswap is crypto’s first NFT automated market maker. The Ethereum-based platform functions similarly to Uniswap, letting users trustlessly trade assets through user-funded liquidity pools. However, instead of trading between two fungible tokens, sudoswap users can trade between NFTs and ETH. At

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16 Aug 2022

Three Arrows Capital blew through billions with risky cryptocurrency bets

The now bankrupt Three Arrows Capital (3AC) presented signs of mismanagement before the cryptocurrency hedge fund’s ultimate collapse. A report from New York Magazine reveals that 3AC co-founders Kyle Davies and Su Zhu faced criticism from banks and other traders before the company even entered the crypto market. In its early

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