Four Reasons Why Cryptocurrency Scams Persist And Succeed Against Unsuspecting Investors

Staying safe from crypto scammers has never been as critical as in the present time. Why do they keep working against people? If it is human to err, how can people appreciate what drives a successful scam? Here is a breakdown of four reasons why crypto scams persist against new and seasoned investors. Scammers rely on their ability to convince people with urgency. They go as far as manipulation, using social engineering and twisting whatever they can to perfect their illusion. The infamous Onecoin scam, for instance, made off with $25 billion. As a classical pyramid scheme, new investors’ funds paid old investors. By purporting to sell educational content and token packages, it “worked” well until it collapsed on its own design. Much to the disappointment of investors who interacted with it, it never had a cryptocurrency. It was a money-minting machine that only worked for the founders, and it came to a halt when legal issues exposed its fraudulent nature. Needless to say, the quick “returns” that they offered their early investors were fundamental to the persuasion that they needed to rope in unsuspecting investors. As an additional note, the concept of “packages” and cryptocurrencies are unrelated.

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OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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