08 Oct 2018

Under US pressure, Iran passes anti-terror financing bill

Iran has passed a law against terrorist financing in order to maintain international economic ties with partners, as the U.S. increases economic pressure and sanctions removed under the Nuclear Deal return. The law is an attempt to satisfy the October 2018 deadline for increased regulations against terror financing given to

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20 Sep 2018

US Names Iran Leading State Sponsor Of Terrorism

The US State Department, in its annual report on global terrorism, has named Iran the leading state sponsor of terrorism that reaches nearly every continent. From fundraising networks in West Africa, weapons depots in South America, and activity across Western countries, the state “has no reservations about using [terrorism] on

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04 Sep 2018

U.S. Cuts $300 Million In Aid To Pakistan; Says It’s Failing To Fight Militants

The U.S. announce the suspension of $300 million in funding to Pakistan, citing the government’s failure to fight terrorism. Under the DoD 2018 Appropriations Act, Pakistan will not receive funding for defense operations unless both the Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense certify that the country is “cooperating with

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17 Aug 2018

UN report: How Boko Haram is funded

A recent UN report has published sources of funding for the West African terrorist group Boko Haram. The area’s cash economy has allowed the group to finance its operations through extortion, charitable donations, smuggling, remittances, and kidnapping, allowing the group to continue their insurgency in Northern Nigeria and beyond. The

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16 Aug 2018

Money-laundering watchdog reviews Pakistan

The Asia Pacific Group (APG) on Money Laundering is reviewing Pakistan’s policies and practices surrounding money laundering and terrorist financing. The group has recommended a series of changes that would improve the government’s ability to monitor money laundering and terrorism financing, as well as make them extraditable offenses. Previous reviews

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