25 Jul 2018

Tactical nuclear weapon launches into development with Pentagon policy bill

The new $716 billion defense authorization report has authorized $65 million towards the development of a new submarine-launched low-yield, “tactical” nuclear weapon. The specifics of the weapon have been a part of the administrations recent Nuclear Posture Review. Congress will still maintain its authority to authorize or prevent the development

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09 Jul 2018

North Korea Submarine Development Signals Increased Nuclear Threat

In the midst of negative language from North Korea following the US Secretary of State’s visit to the country, South Korean military intelligence has shared that North Korea may be developing new nuclear submarines able to launch nuclear missiles. Such developments would further complicate U.S. efforts to denuclearize the peninsula

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20 Jun 2018

Nuclear arsenals increasing among smaller nuclear powers

While the U.S. and Russia both decreased the size of their nuclear stockpiles in 2017, China, India, North Korea, and Pakistan all increased theirs. A new SIPRI report recorded China, Pakistan, and India each adding ten nuclear warheads, bring their totals to around 280, 135, and 145, respectively. North Korea

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