09 Sep 2022

North Korea declares itself a nuclear weapons state, in ‘irreversible’ move

North Korea passed a new law declaring itself a nuclear weapons state, a move that leader Kim Jong Un says is irreversible. When he passed the law, he said the country would never give up its nuclear weapons and would not negotiate on denuclearization.  The new law also gave Pyongyang

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24 Aug 2022

India fires three officers for accidentally launching missile into Pakistan

On Tuesday, the Indian Air Force confirmed that it had fired three officers for accidentally firing a missile into Pakistan in March.. The incident was handled relatively calmly as there were no casualties. The rivals have maintained a tense relationship over the last several years due the disputer territory of

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09 Aug 2022

Russia Says it Won’t Allow U.S. Inspection for Now of Its Nuclear Weapons

On Monday, Moscow stated that it will not support the resumption of inspections at its nuclear arsenal. The resumption of inspections was discussed due to the New START treaty over travel restrictions imposed by the US. The accord requires that Russia halt the production of long-range nuclear arms and is

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25 May 2022

Iran Used Secret U.N. Records to Evade Nuclear Probes

A new report alleges that Iran secured access to secret UN atomic agency reports and used them to evade nuclear probes by circulating the documents among top officials, who were then able to prepare cover stories and falsify records. Middle East Intelligence officials and documents reviewed by the Wall Street

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11 May 2022

South Korea’s New President Offers Pyongyang Economic Aid for Denuclearization

South Korean president Yoon Suk-yeol has offered North Korea economic aid in exchange for denuclearization. The aid aims to entice the country, which is facing economic hardship, to give up its nuclear weapons program for the benefit of the general public. Yoon stated that North Korea’s weapons programs are a

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02 Mar 2022

Decision on Iran nuclear deal ‘days away,’ says French foreign minister

Iran, France, and other countries are currently discussing the revival of a 2015 deal that would require Iran to curb uranium enrichment in exchange for sanctions relief. Officials report that it is likely a decision will be made in the next few days as the negotiations conclude. Officials travelled to

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20 Jan 2022

North Korea says it will reconsider its moratorium on nuclear and long-range missile tests

On Thursday, North Korea stated that it plans to evaluate all of its temporally suspended activities and bolster its defense against the United States. The announcement may be a reference to its self-imposed moratorium on testing nuclear weapons. The moratorium has been in place since 2017. Pyongyang is banned from

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19 Oct 2021

China denies testing nuclear-capable hypersonic missile

On Monday, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian reported that a routine test of missiles had been carried out in July to verify different types of reusable spacecraft technology. China has since denied reports that it tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile earlier this year, stating that it was instead a

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13 Sep 2021

Iran Pledges to Cooperate With U.N. Atomic Agency, Easing Nuclear Talks Threat

On Sunday, Iran reached an agreement with the United Nations atomic agency, stating that it will allow international inspectors to access some of the country’s nuclear-related sites. The agreement was likely an effort to avert a crisis in the negotiations that aim to restore the 2015 nuclear deal. International Atomic

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28 Jul 2021

China Appears to Be Building New Silos for Nuclear Missiles, Researchers Say

A US think tank has reported that satellite imagery shows that China is allegedly building a new network of silos for launching nuclear missiles. This marks the second such project that American analysts have accused Beijing of initiating and advancing within the past several weeks. A report regarding the silos

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