26 Aug 2020

NATO allies are facing off in the Eastern Mediterranean

Greece and Turkey, both NATO members but historical enemies, are currently involved in a Navy standoff in the Eastern Mediterranean after months of escalating tensions. This could potentially lead to a military confrontation that could wreak havoc on the whole region. Vessels from both countries displayed a show of force

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30 Jan 2019

Migrant crisis continues: UN says six die every day in Mediterranean crossings

A new UN report estimates that an average of six migrants per day die attempting the Mediterranean crossing to Europe. While the overall number of deaths has declined along with the number of people making crossing attempts, the death rate has spiked dramatically from 1 death out of every 38

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22 Oct 2018

The Navy sends a carrier back to Russia’s Arctic haunts for the first time since 1991

The U.S. Navy has sent an aircraft carrier into the Norwegian Sea in the arctic circle, the first time since 1991, as part of a NATO exercise. The change is due both to the expanding accessibility of areas once covered by ice and the increased Russian activity and the area

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25 Sep 2018

Over 1,000 people arrested at Crete airports with forged papers

“More than 1,000 foreign nationals have been arrested over the last eight months at airports on the island of Crete as they tried to board flights using forged travel documents. Their preferred destinations were other European Union countries, while most of them were from the Middle East and northeast Africa.”

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29 Aug 2018

Russia deploys military ships to Syria armed with Kalibr cruise missiles

“The Russian military is deploying a flotilla of at least 10 ships to the Syrian coast, the Izvestia newspaper reported Tuesday, citing unidentified Defense Ministry sources. The grouping was reported as Russia’s most powerful to deploy to Syria since Moscow began its intervention in the conflict there nearly two years

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