23 Jun 2021

Councils Reported Over 700 Data Breaches in 2020

In 2020, hundreds of councils across the UK suffered from data breaches, according to new Freedom of Information research produced by Redscan. Redscan utilized official FOI responses from 60% of the country’s 398 local authorities to compile the new report, Disjointed and Under-Resourced: Cybersecurity across UK Councils. The managed security

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12 Mar 2020

Ransomware Increasingly Targeting Small Governments

Data shows that in 2019, more than 163 ransomware attacks targeted small governments, including local and county governments. The price of these ransomware attacks totaled at least $1.8 billion, while the cost of recovery totaled an additional tens of millions of dollars. The major issue lies in the fact that

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12 Jun 2019

A computer virus has thrown Philadelphia’s court system into chaos

Philadelphia’s online court system has been down since May 21st as the result of a malware infection on “a limited number” of computers. Upon detecting the infection, authorities shut down the entire network to prevent further damage. The incident has fundamentally disrupted the court system. The courts have hired a

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27 May 2019

In Baltimore and Beyond, a Stolen NSA Tool Wreaks Havoc

The ransomware attack on the City of Baltimore that has rendered the city’s email system and various other systems unavailable since May 7 involved the use of EternalBlue, a hacking tool developed by the National Security Agency (NSA) that was leaked about two years ago by the Shadow Brokers, a

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23 May 2019

Baltimore Email, Other Systems Still Offline from May 7 Ransomware Attack

More than two weeks after the City of Baltimore, Maryland suffered a ransomware attack, the city’s email system and various other systems have still not been restored. The City was targeted by a ransomware strain dubbed Robbinhood. The threat actors behind the file-encrypting malware demanded a ransom of 13 Bitcoin

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16 May 2019

Baltimore Ransomware Siege Enters Second Week of Bitcoin Extortion Attack

The City of Baltimore, Maryland still has not recovered from the ransomware infection that prompted it to shut down most of its servers on May 7. While the city’s most essential services such as emergency services remain operational, many other systems are down. The City was targeted by a ransomware

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08 May 2019

Local Authorities in Texas and Maryland Hit by Ransomware

In separate incidents, two local governments in the US were hit by ransomware in recent weeks. On April 22, Potter County, Texas experienced a ransomware attack shut down its entire network, forcing employees to perform their tasks using pencil and paper. While the effects of the infection only became noticeable

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24 Apr 2019

City of Stuart Still Recovering from Ryuk Ransomware Attack

Once again a local US government has suffered a cyberattack involving the notorious Ryuk ransomware. The City of Stuart, Florida was hit on April 13 when Ryuk infected its computers and servers, probably after a city employee fell for a phishing email. While Stuart has managed to restore various services

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10 Apr 2019

Lawmakers Want to Fund Cyber Upgrades for State and Local Governments

US lawmakers on Monday introduced the Cyber Resiliency Act, a bipartisan bill for the establishment of a federal program that would fund cybersecurity upgrades for state and local governments that do not have sufficient resources to improve their cybersecurity posture. Cosponsor Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., believes that the growing cyberthreat

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08 Apr 2019

Genesee County, Michigan Recovering from Ransomware Attack

Once again, a local government in the US has suffered a ransomware attack. Last Tuesday, Michigan’s Genesee County was hit, forcing the county to shut down their computer systems. Since officials were also no longer able to user their email, the county could only be reached by phone. While the

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