02 Apr 2019

New York Albany Capital Hit by Ransomware Attack

Once again, a local US government has been at the receiving end of a ransomware attack. The City of Albany, the State of New York’s capital, was targeted on March 30. While little is known about the exact impact of the attack on the City’s systems or the type of

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11 Mar 2019

Georgia county pays a whopping $400,000 to get rid of a ransomware infection

After the internal network of Jackson County, Georgia was infected with ransomware on March 1, the county paid the threat actors a ransom of $400,000 to receive a decryption key. When the ransomware attack locked county personnel out of their systems, causing all of them to go down except for

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14 Jan 2019

Del Rio City Hall Forced to Use Paper After Ransomware Attack

Last Thursday, The City Hall of Del Rio, Texas suffered a ransomware attack. The City’s M.I.S. (Management Information Services) Department responded to the attack by disconnecting the local network from the Internet and prohibiting staff from logging on to their computers, thereby forcing them to perform their duties using only pen and

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03 Aug 2018

Government workers in Alaskan town switch to typewriters after cyber-attack

A small Alaskan borough has switched to typewriters while their computer systems are rebuilt following a ransomware attack that disabled nearly all of its 500 computers and 120 servers. The ransomware also extended to some of the department’s back-up data. The borough is not paying the ransom, and the “encrypted

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