31 Mar 2021

Intel Sued Under Wiretapping Laws for Tracking User Activity on its Website

A class-action suit in Lake County, Florida, alleges that Intel unlawfully intercepted communications without user consent. The claim is backed by the usage of analytics technology on Intel’s company website. Intel capitalizes on session-replay software to capture the interactions of people visiting the corporate homepage, a violation of user rights.

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16 Mar 2021

Judge Upholds Privacy Lawsuit Against Google

A judge has upheld a lawsuit brought against Google in June of 2020 alleging that the tech giant has violated consumer privacy by failing to halt the gathering of personal data when users turn off data collection or operate in “incognito mode” when browsing the internet. According to the complaint,

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15 Mar 2021

Apple Sues Employee for Stealing Trade Secrets

A former Apple employee faces a lawsuit from the tech giant after the company claimed the employee sold or leaked trade secrets to a media outlet for over a year, seeking personal gain. According to Apple, Simon Lancaster abused his position to access information outside of his scope, then exchanging

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11 Mar 2021

Facebook asks judge to throw out FTC anti-trust lawsuit

The Federal Trade Commission and 45 other states sued Facebook for alleged anti-competitive behavior in December and Facebook has asked a US judge to dismiss these antitrust charges. The lawsuit supports the breaking up of the company and Facebook described the charges as “nonsensical” on Wednesday. The FTC has until

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06 Jan 2021

SolarWinds Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit Following Orion Breach

SolarWinds and some of its executives have been accused of lying to shareholders about its security. In a class-action lawsuit filed by shareholders Solarwinds, outgoing CEO Keven Thompson, and CFO Barton Kalso are named as defendants. The suit claims that there were false and misleading statements made from the company

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30 Dec 2020

New Lawsuit Takes Aim at Ring After Smart Doorbell Hijacking

Amazon Ring users are suing the manufacturer following a series of hacks on the smart camera devices. The class-action lawsuit joins together complaints filed by 30 users spanning 15 families. The families allege that the company has not provided updated security measures despite the onslaught of security incidents, furthering that

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22 Dec 2020

Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Dell join legal battle against hacking company NSO

On Monday, tech giants Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, and Google entered into a legal battle against hacking organization NSO. Facebook had already been battling the organization in court for a year and has now been backed by two industry leaders. The tech companies filed a brief in federal court alleging that

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13 Nov 2020

Amazon files lawsuit against Instagram, TikTok influencers over ‘dupe’ sales scam

On Thursday, a lawsuit filed by Amazon against Instagram and TikTok users was made public. The lawsuit alleges that 13 individuals on the platforms were using their power to sell counterfeit luxury goods and lure followers into buying fake products, deceiving Amazon in the process. The influencers would post content

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30 Mar 2020

Virgin Media Could Pay £4.5B for Leak Affecting 900,000 Customers

Virgin media recently was the victim of a security incident that exposed the personal details of roughly 900,00 people, and it could cost the company up to $5.6 billion USD. Between April and February of 2020, Virgin media suffered a cyberattack that was the result of a misconfigured database, exposing

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26 Mar 2020

Cincinnati Firm Faces $5m Data Breach Lawsuit

In Cincinnati, freight brokerage company Total Quality Logistics faces a $5 million lawsuit over a data breach that occurred in February. The company suffered from a cyberattack on the 23rd of February that compromised its customer and carrier information after cybercriminals breached the company’s online web portal. The information disclosed

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