20 Sep 2022

Ripple Says XRP Owners Have no Rights or Contract So Token is Not A Security

As US blockchain company Ripple continues its legal battle against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the fintech intends to build its legal strategy on a claim that its token, Ripple (XRP), cannot be considered a security without contracts as there is no “investment contract” that would grant rights

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08 Sep 2022

Investors Sue Treasury Department for Blacklisting Crypto Platform

A group of cryptocurrency investors sued the Treasury Department on Thursday to block government sanctions that bar Americans from Tornado Cash, a popular crypto platform that criminals have used to launder virtual currencies. The lawsuit, filed in federal court in the Western District of Texas, is funded by the cryptocurrency exchange

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05 Sep 2022

Why are crypto assets important in a divorce proceeding?

The first decentralized digital currency Bitcoin was first released in 2009, and it has now been 13 years since then. Over the years, crypto assets have gained enormous popularity and are now widely recognized as one of the investment vehicles and payment methods despite its volatile nature. This can be

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01 Sep 2022

Dozens of Celsius clients ask US court to recover $22.5M in crypto

The bankrupt cryptocurrency lender Celsius Network is facing more legal issues as disgruntled clients are taking action to recover their funds after the platform froze withdrawals in June. On Wednesday, an ad hoc group of 64 custodial account holders at Celsius filed a complaint with the United States Bankruptcy Court for

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31 Aug 2022

Crypto.com Sues Woman After Sending Her $10 Million by Mistake

A woman received $10.5 million in an accidental transaction from popular cryptocurrency platform Crypto.com—and then allegedly spent it on a luxury home, according to reports. Two sisters in Melbourne, Australia, are now being chased by the courts after going on a spending spree with the cash, 7NEWS reported Tuesday. A Crypto.com representative

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29 Aug 2022

Block Faces Class Action Suit After 2021 Breach

Block, a payment giant, is being sued for negligence by former customers due to a data breach that occurred in 2021. During the breach, Block’s subsidiary Cash App was targeted by a former employee who stole the personal information of roughly eight million customers. The lawyers for two of these

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23 Aug 2022

Crypto Exchange Coinbase Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Alleged Lapses in Security

Coinbase (COIN) failed to properly secure customers’ accounts, leaving them vulnerable to theft and unauthorized transfers, a putative class action lawsuit filed against the crypto exchange last week alleges. The complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, also accuses the company of causing financial

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11 Aug 2022

Crypto and the US Government Are Headed for a Decisive Showdown

If you have paid casual attention to crypto news over the past few years, you probably have a sense that the crypto market is unregulated—a tech-driven Wild West in which the rules of traditional finance do not apply. If you were Ishan Wahi, however, you would probably not have that

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07 Jul 2022

New Lawsuit Alleging That Solana Is A Security Could Have Big Implications For The Crypto Investment Landscape

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Solana Labs, a for-profit company working on the development of the Solana blockchain, in a California federal court last week accusing the company and people within the ecosystem of making illegal profits and promoting its token, SOL, as an unregistered security. The outcome

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14 Jun 2022

Binance US Sued Over Promoting, Selling UST and LUNA

A class-action lawsuit was filed today against Binance.US, alleging that the cryptocurrency exchange misled consumers about the safety of Terra’s stablecoin UST, and native token LUNA. The suit also claims Binance violated federal law both by selling UST and LUNA, cryptocurrencies that the plaintiffs claim are securities that should have been

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