30 May 2022

Procurement, early warning systems, and the next disruption

For procurement leaders at industrial companies, the past 18 months have been difficult. Resurgent economic activity has collided with supply disruptions that have seemingly come one after another. Procurement executives know they need to respond but are unsure how. Most of them have not had a chance to anticipate the

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20 May 2022

Australia election 2022: Cost of living worries voters

Voters will head to the polls on Saturday in Australia with rising prices on their minds. The cost of living in Australia is at a 21 year high and the inflation rate in Australia is at 5.1%. The wage growth is at just 2.3%, meaning the inflation is leaving less

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19 May 2022

Global stock markets fall as growth fears rattle investors

Following sharp falls in the US and Asia stock markets, fears of rising prices and slowing economies have made an impact on UK and European stock markets as well. The FTSE 100 index of leading companies decreased by 2.5% on Thursday and the main stock markets in France and Germany

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20 Apr 2022

This measure of German inflation just hit its highest level since 1949

In March, the German annual producer price inflation topped 30%, reaching the highest level since the Federal Statistics Office began collecting data 73 years ago. Officials announced the milestone on Wednesday, stating that energy prices were likely to blame. Energy prices rose nearly 84% in 2022 from March of last

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13 Apr 2022

New Zealand Lifts Interest Rate By Half-Point as Inflation Fight Heats Up

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has raised its benchmark interest rate on Wednesday by half a percentage point. This is the fourth consecutive increase and the largest single increase in more than 20 years. The move reflects increasingly aggressive approaches by central banks around the world as inflation is

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12 Apr 2022

Pakistan’s Shehbaz Sharif Becomes Prime Minister

On Monday, Shehbaz Sharif became the prime minister of Pakistan after a vote in the Parliament. Mr. Sharif will face difficulties at the very beginning of his term, such as high levels of political polarization and a deteriorating economy. Mr. Sharif has been the junior political partner to his older

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04 Apr 2022

Dimon says confluence of inflation, Ukraine war may ‘dramatically increase risks ahead’ for U.S.

Jamie Dimon, CEO and chairman of the biggest U.S. bank by assets, pointed to a potentially unprecedented combination of risks facing the country in his annual shareholder letter. Three forces are likely to shape the world over the next several decades: a U.S. economy rebounding from the Covid pandemic; high inflation

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03 Feb 2022

Turkey’s inflation soars to two-decade high of almost 49%

The annual inflation in Turkey has reached a 20 year high of 48.7% in January. The inflation spike was fueled by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s want for interest rate cuts last year and a resulting crash in the currency. Consumer prices jumped 11.1%, and both the consumer price inflation and

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18 Nov 2021

U.K. Inflation Hits 10-Year High, Stirring Expectations of Rate Rise

For the first time in a decade, annual inflation in the UK has accelerated to its fastest, strengthening expectations that the Bank of England (BOE) will be the first major bank to lift interest rates from pandemic lows. Concerns over global inflation have intensified due to the Covid-19 crisis, and

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27 Aug 2021

US charges HeadSpin ex-CEO over fake $1bn valuation scheme

HeadSpin has been charged $1 billion by the SEC and the US Department of Justice for allegedly defrauding investors by falsely claiming that the company had achieved strong and consistent growth. The organization markets itself as an AI testing, dev-ops, and mobile testing platform. For two years, officials state that

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