30 Dec 2021

2021 Year-end Review: Geopolitical Risk and Technology

This year was all about long-term geopolitical strategy propelled by technology-driven innovation and tactics.  In 2021, geopolitical risk and technology intersected in what feels like (forgive the overused descriptor but it is apropos here) an inflection point.  Geopolitics is already operating in a future state:  technology is now the clear exponential driver of tactical maneuvers for military and geographic competitive advantage – all the while referencing nationalistic, technology-focused strategic blueprints. 

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17 Oct 2018

Nearly half of US active-duty troops fear a new war within the next year

“Nearly half of all current military troops believe the United States will be drawn into a major war soon, a jarring rise in anxiety among service members worried about global instability in general and Russia and China in particular, according to a new Military Times poll of active-duty troops. About

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18 Sep 2018

Air Force calls for 74 more squadrons to prepare for possibility of war against major power

The Air Force is seeking a 24% increase in squadrons by 2030 to equip it to fight a peer adversary and win while also defending U.S. soil, serving as a nuclear deterrent, fight secondary wars against other that would use a major war to their advantage, and continue the fight

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28 Aug 2018

What Does a Chinese Superpower Look Like? Nothing Like the U.S.

“China aims to expand its influence from one polar cap to the other. Debt, demographics and a middle income trap stand in the way.” In a world defined by American unipolarity, Chinese advancement towards superpower status will bring with it unique changes and challenges that reflect those of the country itself. 

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01 Jun 2018

Russia’s Military Doctrine of Deception and Deniability

Deception and Deniability have become essential components of Russian geopolitics as its activities to increase influence simultaneously risk escalating conflicts with the US and others. These tools have allowed the Kremlin to avoid many possible political repercussions by the countries and international blocs negatively impacted by its actions.  Source: Threat

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