14 Oct 2019

Iran-Linked ‘Charming Kitten’ Touts New Spearphishing Tactics

Iranian state-backed hacking group APT 25 (also known as Charming Kitten, Phosphorus, Ajax Security Team, NewsBeef and Newscaster) has updated its attack techniques to carry out a spearphishing campaign targeting US President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, according to recent research[pdf] by ClearSky Cyber Security. The report states that the new attack

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09 Oct 2019

2020 Presidential Candidate Campaign Websites Fail On User Privacy

The websites of many US presidential candidates suffer from security and privacy issues, a recent audit by the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) found. Just 7 out of 23 candidates, including Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, achieved the “Honor Roll,” meaning that their websites provided sufficient privacy, security and consumer protection

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07 Oct 2019

Iran Caught Targeting US Presidential Campaign Accounts

Iranian hackers recently targeted a US presidential campaign as well as various government officials (including former officials) and journalists, an investigation by Microsoft found. Between August and September of this year, a total of 241 user accounts were attacked by the infamous Iranian state-backed hacking group known as APT 25,

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07 Oct 2019

FBI investigating alleged hacking attempt into mobile voting app during 2018 midterms

Last week, the US attorney for the Southern District of West Virginia announced that during the 2018 US midterm elections, threat actors may have attempted to hack into Voatz, an experimental mobile voting app used by the state. The FBI has launched an investigation into the incident, but according to

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27 Sep 2019

Voting Machine Systems New & Old Contain ‘Design’ Flaws

Security experts have been questioning the security of electronic voting for years. In August of this year, attendants of the popular DEF CON hacker conference proved once again that both older and newer voting systems are vulnerable to hacking. One of the most popular DEF CON events was the Voting

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23 Sep 2019

Windows 7 Voting Systems to Get Free Security Updates Through 2020 Elections

Even though Windows 7 will reach end-of-life on January 14th, 2020, Microsoft will continue to provide security updates for US voting systems running this operating system. The extended support will cover voting systems used for the 2020 US presidential election as well as local US elections and national elections in

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20 Sep 2019

Key Senate Panel Approves $250 Million for Election Security

The US Senate Appropriations Committee on Thursday approved $250 million in funding for election security at the state level. Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy, the ranking member of the Appropriations Committee, stated that “funding election security grants is a matter of national security.” Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had initially

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28 Aug 2019

US officials fear ransomware attack against 2020 election

The US Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), which is a division of the Homeland Security Department, has launched an initiative to help state election officials improve the security of voter registration databases in order to prevent ransomware attacks in the period leading up to the 2020 presidential election. CISA aims

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21 Aug 2019

Moscow’s blockchain voting system cracked a month before election

The blockchain-based voting system that Moscow wants to use next month for the regional parliamentary election contains a critical flaw that breaks the security of the entire system, a security researcher has discovered. The voting system relies on a combination of private and public keys for encrypting ballots. However, it

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15 Aug 2019

Fewer Than Half of States Take These Two Election Security Precautions

A new report by the Brennan Center for Justice shows that only 24 US states are implementing two vital measures to bolster election security before the 2020 presidential election. Security experts have said that in order to prevent election meddling by Russia and other hostile actors in 2020, states should

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