15 Jul 2019

New Election Systems Use Vulnerable Software

A recent AP investigation discovered that the security of election systems across the US is significantly undermined by the fact that the overwhelming majority of election jurisdictions rely on outdated or soon-to-be outdated operating systems for creating ballots as well as processing and counting votes. While many counties have updated

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05 Jul 2019

The biggest concern for election security may be phishing

Outdated voting machines that are vulnerable to hacking are hardly the only cybersecurity concern for US election security officials. Earlier this week, the US Department of Homeland Security warned election officials across the country about the threat of phishing campaigns. Threat actors are targeting election officials with seemingly legitimate emails

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10 Jun 2019

Top voting machine maker reverses position on election security, promises paper ballots

ES&S, the top producer of voting machines used in the United States, has said that it will stop selling outdated paperless voting machines that are known to be vulnerable to cyberattacks. In March, four senior Democratic lawmakers had asked the company for an explanation of its continued sale of vulnerable,

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06 Jun 2019

Election Security Is Still Hurting at Every Level

A new study by the Stanford Cyber Policy Center concludes that election security in the United States is still far from where it needs to be in order to rule out efforts at tampering in the 2020 presidential election. One major issue is the continued use of outdated voting machines

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24 May 2019

NATO Warns Russia of ‘Full Range’ of Responses to Cyberattack

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg on Thursday warned adversaries that the alliance “can and will use the full range of capabilities at our disposal” to respond to cyberattacks. This week, elections for the European Parliament are held in all EU member states, which has European governments worried about Russian hacking and

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24 May 2019

US Officials Say Foreign Election Hacking Is Inevitable

The US intelligence officials on Wednesday warned that election hacking by foreign threat actors as an inevitability that needs to be accepted, while the real focus of the government’s defensive efforts should be on making systems resilient enough to rule out catastrophic consequences. While addressing a House Oversight and Reform

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21 May 2019

Political Parties Still Have Cybersecurity Hygiene Problems

Even though the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has bolstered its cyber security since Russian state-backed hackers infiltrated the organization in 2016, its security hygiene still doesn’t cover certain best practices, an investigation by SecurityScorecard found. The same is true for the Republican National Committee (RNC), while smaller US parties tend to

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08 May 2019

At nations’ request, U.S. Cyber Command probes foreign networks to hunt election security threats

Ever since US cyber security experts succeeded in thwarting Russian attempts at election meddling during the 2018 midterm elections by taking a Russian troll farm offline, the Department of Defense’s (DOD) Cyber Command has been probing networks in foreign countries in order to identify and shut down interference campaigns targeting

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07 May 2019

Microsoft Debuts ElectionGuard to Secure Voting Processes

In order to help countries secure their democratic elections, Microsoft has released an open source software development kit (SDK) designed to secure existing modern voting systems by providing continued verification and validation of results by third parties, including voters and candidates. The SDK called ElectionGuard is part of Microsoft’s broader

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06 May 2019

2020 Campaign Staffers Being Trained to Handle Cyber Threats

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is reaching out to the campaigns of presidential candidates for 2020 in an attempt to help them protect themselves against interference campaigns by state-backed hackers and other threat actors. The DHS is offering to share threat intelligence with campaigns and test the security

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