14 Feb 2022

Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse will require computing tech no one knows how to build

The technology necessary to power the metaverse doesn’t exist. It will not exist next year. It will not exist in 2026. The technology might not exist in 2032, though it’s likely we will have a few ideas as to how we might eventually design and manufacture chips that could turn Mark

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19 Jan 2022

Web 3.0 and the undeliverable promise of decentralization

The definition of “Web 3.0” has assumed different incarnations over the past few years, depending on whom you asked and when. We initially thought it would have been some kind of semantic web, with shared ontologies and taxonomies that described all the domains relevant to the published content. The Internet,

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12 Jan 2022

Metaverse hype is like communist propaganda: Soviet-born tech founder

A tech founder compared today’s hype around the metaverse with Soviet propaganda he experienced as a child. Phil Libin, the founder of the note-taking app Evernote and the CEO of the videoconferencing company Mmhmm, made the comments in a podcast hosted by the tech journalist Eric Newcomer released on Tuesday. Libin expressed

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04 Jan 2022

National Cognitive Infrastructure Protection:  What Can We Learn from the Swedish Psychological Defence Authority? 

In 2019, in what now reads like a strikingly prescient premonition, OODA CTO Bob Gourley penned a two-part series on the neglect of our national Cognitive Infrastructure, which includes the mental capacities of our citizens and the decision-making ability of people, organizations, and our government. It also includes the information channels used to feed our decision-making capabilities and the education and training systems used to prepare people and organizations for critical thinking. In the series, Bob discussed the efforts by the U.S. government in the 1990s to create a framework for “Critical Infrastructure Protection” when talking about manufacturing, dams, the energy sector, nuclear reactors, etc. But what about the protection of our critical cognitive infrastructure, which is threatened in ways few of us ever imagined just a few years ago? The Swedes offer an exemplary agency model.

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01 Oct 2021

Ellen McCarthy and Kathy and Randy Pherson on Intelligent Leadership and Critical Thinking

In March of this year, Bob spoke with Ellen McCarthy, a highly accomplished and distinguished executive who reached the very highest echelons of the US intelligence community. In January, Bob had a conversation with Kathy and Randy Pherson. The Phersons had successful careers in the US Intelligence Community, where they pioneered new analytical methods and would later help bring those methods to widespread adoption in the community.

Topics discussed include leadership styles, intelligence-gathering operations, the history of the OSS and the INR at State, disinformation, critical thinking, mental models, and foresight.

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