15 Oct 2021

Verizon’s Visible Wireless Carrier Confirms Credential-Stuffing Attack

Verizon’s Visible wireless carrier has confirmed that user accounts were hijacked in a security incident. Users are posting stories of forcibly changed passwords and getting stuck with bills for new iPhones. According to Verizon, users lose control of their accounts on Wednesday, had their passwords and shipping addresses changed, and

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21 May 2021

Global Credential Stuffing Attempts Hit 193 Billion in 2020

According to security vendor Akamai, there was roughly 193 billion credential stuffing attempts during 2020 due to surging numbers of online users. Akamai detailed its findings in its latest report, the 2021 State of the Internet / Security publication, looking to reveal the scale of attempts to hack users’ accounts

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24 Nov 2020

Up to 350,000 Spotify Users Targeted by Credential Stuffers

Spotify users have been targeted by credential stuffers in a massive attack campaign discovered by a team at vpnMentor on July 3. According to vpnMentor, the database contained hundreds of millions of user records and was hosted on a completely unsecured Easticsearch server. The database contained 72GB of information, including

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23 Oct 2020

63 billion credential stuffing attacks hit retail, hospitality, travel industries

Security firm Akamai has published a report detailing criminal activity pertaining to a massive wave of credential stuffing attacks targeting the retail, travel, and hospitality industries. The campaign occurred between July of 2018 and June 2020. Akamai’s report includes examples of advertisements on the darknet demonstrating how cybercriminals gain financial

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05 Mar 2020

Tesco Issues 600,000 New Clubcards After Brute Force Attack

Tesco, a UK based supermarket, has been forced to issue 600,000 new loyalty cards after customers’ accounts were compromised by a malicious third party. Although the company’s IT systems were not compromised, hackers allegedly used a combo list of breached usernames and passwords to conduct a brute force attack. However,

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08 Aug 2019

State Farm Accounts Compromised in Credential Stuffing Attack

Insurance and financial services group State Farm has suffered a credential stuffing attack in which the login credentials of an unknown number of customers were compromised. In a credential stuffing attack, a threat actor uses leaked or stolen login credentials for user accounts of one service, to try to gain

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01 Aug 2019

Capital One is not alone: 3.5B malicious login attacks target banks and customers

Between November 2017 to April 2019, threat actors carried out 3.5 billion malicious login attempts as part of credential stuffing attacks, in which credentials exposed in a data breach at one firm are used to gain access to accounts at another company. Akamai also identified close to 200,000 phishing domains

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19 Jul 2019

Why 72% of people still recycle passwords

A new Security.org report underscores how poor the password practices of many people still are. The survey found that the vast majority (72%) of users reuse passwords. On average, recycled passwords are used for 4 different accounts. Password recycling is a terrible practice because it puts users at risk of

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24 Jun 2019

TripAdvisor Invalidates Member Passwords Found in Data Breaches

TripAdvisor is taking a proactive approach to prevent its users from falling victim to credential stuffing attacks by invalidating member passwords if the password and corresponding email address were found in publicly leaked data breach databases. Credential stuffing attacks, in which a threat actor uses leaked or stolen login credentials

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14 Jun 2019

The gaming community is a rising target for credential stuffing attacks

An extensive Akamai report on the state of Internet security highlights the growing cyber threat for gamers. According to the study, gaming websites were the target of around 12 billion credential stuffing attacks between (November 2017 and March 2019. In a credential stuffing attack, a threat actor uses leaked or

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