The rapid pace of innovation in space is producing real capabilities which can be leveraged for businesses in every sector of the economy. There is a growing excitement over the many developments in the space industry, giving rise to many questions about how these developments will impact markets overall. This guide is meant to assist strategic planners in assessing developments in the space sector.

The first section of this guide is our overall assessment of how changes in space may impact your business strategy in the near future (from now till about 3 years out). OODA analysts and experts reviewed innovation in the space industry in the context of business needs to produce this section.

The second section is a deep dive into many innovation areas that we intend on tracking at As developments advance in these areas we will post more on our site and in our Daily Pulse newsletter.

Topics we track include:

  • CubeSats and Microsatellites
  • Space Robots for Satellite Repair
  • Commercial Launch
  • Private Astronauts and Space Tourism
  • Back to the Moon
  • Asteroid Mining
  • Energy from Space
  • Pharmaceuticals from Space
  • Comms from Space
  • Internet from Space
  • Position, Navigation, Timing from Space
  • Remote Sensing from Space
  • Situational Awareness of objects in Space
  • Space Debris
  • Military Space Threats
  • Bureaucratic Uncertainty

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