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Resources listed on this page are available to OODA Network Members. For information on becoming a member please visit our Join OODA Loop page. For more on the benefits of your Membership see the OODA Members’ Guide

Global Supply Chain Sensemaking

This page serves as a dynamic resource for OODA Network members looking for Global Supply Chain information to drive their decision-making process. Sub-categories include Pandemic Disruptions; Technology, Platforms and Supply Chain Intelligence; Case Study:  The Global Semiconductors Supply Chain; Supply Chains and Forced Labor; and National Security and Critical Infrastructure. 
See:  Global Supply Chain Sensemaking | OODA Loop

COVID-19 Sensemaking

We bring together all our special reports and daily intelligence as well as pointers to reputable information from other sites at the OODA COVID-19 Sensemaking Page. Also see: How the Coronavirus will impact your mid to long range strategic planning

OODA Member Video Library

OODA members receive access to an extensive library of research reports focused on operational decision-makers. Members also receive exclusive invitations to our network webinars and events and access to our library of on-demand video presentations.

This OODA Member video series includes:

  • A Practitioner’s View of the Cyber Threat: Insights you can use to steer appropriate action
  • When AI Goes Wrong: A presentation that will help you understand how to make the most of your AI by ensuring you know of the dark side
  • An AI Security Framework: OODA’s recommended approach to ensuring your AI delivers as promised and is secure.
  • The Technologies of AI and Security: A video overview of the tech firms providing real capability to help address AI and Security issues.
  • The Intelligence Workstation of the Future: Insights into ways modern technology can be optimized in support of analysts
  • The Future of Enterprise IT: We track the megatrends and build actionable insights you can use
  • Your Data Strategy in a Hybrid Cloud Environment: Most hybrid cloud use today is because of the need for data analytics. Here is how to optimize that.

Find all at the OODA Member Video Library

Special Series on Artificial Intelligence

AI, machine learning, and data science will be used to create some of the most compelling technological advancements of the next decade.  The OODA team will continue to expand our reporting on AI issues.  Please check out the AI reports listed below.

AI Security: Four Things to Focus on Right Now – This is the only security framework we have seen that helps prevent AI issues before they develop

A Decision-Maker’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence –  This plain english overview will give you the insights you need to drive corporate decisions

When Artificial Intelligence Goes Wrong – By studying issues we can help mitigate them

Artificial Intelligence for Business Advantage – The reason we use AI in business is to accomplish goals. Here are best practices for doing just that

The Future of AI Policy is Largely Unwritten – Congressman Will Hurd provides insight on the emerging technologies of AI and Machine Learning.

Artificial Intelligence Sensemaking: Bringing together our special reports, daily AI news and references to AI from the most reliable sources we know.


Special Series on Quantum Computing

The developments in the field of Quantum Computing are coming faster and faster. OODA analysts are focusing on what matters most to today’s business decision makers.  Recent reporting includes:

Country Studies and Threat Briefs

We provide a wide range of country studies and research reports for our members, all of which are presented in our special section on Geopolitical Risk Sensemaking. This includes special reports on Russia, China, North Korea and Iran designed to get you up to speed quickly on the nature of those nations in a way designed to inform your business decision-making.

Federal Market Sensemaking

Many OODA members have businesses that can potentially serve the federal market with products and services that can make a significant difference for the nation. We provide insights into the needs of this market at our Federal Market Sensemaking page

Special Reports

An Executive’s Guide to Cognitive Bias in Decision Making

Cognitive Bias and the errors in judgement they produce are seen in every aspect of human decision-making, including in the business world. Companies that have a better understanding of these cognitive biases can optimize decision making at all levels of the organization, leading to better performance in the market. Companies that ignore the impact these biases have on corporate decision-making put themselves at unnecessary risk. This post by OODA Co-Founder Bob Gourley provides personal insights into key biases as well as mitigation strategies you can put in place right now. See: An Executive’s Guide to Cognitive Bias in Decision Making

The Intelligence Workstation of the Future

The Intelligence Workstation of the Future will empower analysts in new ways, combining the most modern analytical and visualization tools with enterprise security and governance technologies. This post explores this workstation, leading to actionable recommendations that organizations can put in place now to bring this concept to reality sooner vice later. See: The Intelligence Workstation of the Future

The Executive’s Guide to 5G: Here is what you need to know for your strategic planning

With all major US carriers launching 5G cellular initiatives business leaders should now consider how this new technology can impact both current and future business operations. This guide provides succinct inputs that can kickstart your strategic planning to ensure you are ready to dominate during and after this strategic shift.  For more see: The Executive’s Guide to 5G: Here is what you need to know for your strategic planning. Also see: The 5G Supply Chain Blind Spot

Wi-Fi 6 Is Coming And Will Impact Your Business:

Wi-Fi is as ubiquitous as a technology can get. It is widely used and widely understood. In part because of its widespread acceptance, the standards that make Wi-Fi work are slow to change. But a new change is coming and it will make dramatic improvements to how our devices communicate with each other.  For more see: Wi-Fi 6 Is Coming And Will Impact Your Business


The Executive’s Guide to Space:

The rapid pace of innovation in space is producing real capabilities which can be leveraged for businesses in every sector of the economy. There is a growing excitement over the many developments in the space industry, giving rise to many questions about how these developments will impact markets overall. This guide is meant to assist strategic planners in assessing developments in the space sector. For more see:  The Executive’s Guide To Commercial Use of Space


Security In Space and Security of Space:

The last decade has seen an incredible increase in the commercial use of space. Businesses and individual consumers now leverage space solutions that are so integrated into our systems that they seem invisible. Some of these services include: Communications, including very high-speed low latency communications to distant and mobile users. Learn more at: OODA Research Report: What Business Needs To Know About Security In Space Also see: Is Space Critical Infrastructure, and the special report on Cyber Threats to Project Artemis, and Mitigating Threats To Commercial Space Satellites


The Revolution in Bio-Science:

This post provides an overview of key thrusts of the transformation underway in biology and offers seven topics business leaders should consider when updating business strategy to optimize opportunity because of these changes. For more see:  The Executive’s Guide To The Revolution in Biology


Food Industry Resiliency Crisis:

It is a truism that every society is only a few meals away from revolution, proven not for the first time when high food prices initiated the Arab Spring, and yet food security is a woefully neglected national security concern. America lacks a national food policy, even though we are headed towards a crisis. This concern is much greater for other allied nations and is also driving actions by many adversaries.  For more see: Is There An Emerging Global Food Industry Resiliency Crisis?



Data As A Weapon System:

Are you making the most of your data holdings? If you want to leverage your data to the better of your business you need to treat it like a weapon and use it to gain advantage over others. This is not just about your technical architecture, this is about your attitude and the approach you take to being proactive. For our best practices on how to do so see the OODA Guide to Using Your Data As A Weapon.


Special Reporting on The Cyber Threat


Deception Needs to be an Essential Element of Your Cyber Defense Strategy

In the cyber defense community, we talk about a wide-range of risk mitigating technologies, strategies, and activities.  We talk about attacker deterrence and increasing costs for the attacker.  We invest in endpoint agents, threat intelligence, DLM, and other mitigating technologies on a daily basis. Here’s why one of the most compelling emerging use cases for increasing attacker costs is through the use of deception. For more see: Deception Needs to be an Essential Element of Your Cyber Defense Strategy

The Executive’s Guide to Cyber Insurance

This special report provides an overview of the dynamic trends underway in the cyber insurance market, including actionable information that executives can put to use right now in determining the right approach to using cyber insurance to transfer risk. The report also provides insights which can be of use to any tech firm seeking to partner with insurance companies to enhance services to the market. For more see: The Executive’s Guide to Cyber Insurance

What You Really Need To Know About the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

There is something you really need to know about the State of California. They have optimized around a key function that they do very very well. They know how to collect money from corporations. They know how to collect taxes, and know how to levy large fines and collect on them. The business that owes California money will pay, and the State will likely do everything in their power to make sure they pay as much as the law allows. Keep this in mind as you read our guidance on the CCPA. For more see:  What You Really Need To Know About the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

The Cyber Threat to NASA Artemis Program:

NASA is enabling another giant leap for humanity. With the Artemis program, humans will return to the Moon in a way that will enable establishment of gateways to further exploration of not just the Moon but eventually the entire solar system. The initial expenses of the program will return significant advances for scientific understanding and tangible economic returns. As Artemis continues, the project will eventually deliver improvements for humanity that as of yet have only been dreamed of. But there are huge threats. For more see: The Cyber Threat To Artemis

An Executive Review of new USG Guidelines for Dark Web Intelligence Collection

The Department of Justice’s Cybersecurity Unit published a document that focuses on the risks practitioners face when gathering intelligence from online sources like the Darknet and what the ramifications of certain actions are when performing intelligence collection. The publication highlights several hypothetical situations in which the practitioner may face legal consequences for missteps when interacting with Darknet sellers and obtaining information from these forums.  For more see: An Executive Review of new USG Guidelines for Dark Web Intelligence Collection

Traveling Executive’s Guide to Cybersecurity:

Traveling executives are frequent targets for cyber espionage. This report provides guidance for executives and their security teams on how to protect their information and technology while on the go. Produced by OODA co-founders Matt Devost and Bob Gourley, the report provides best practices, awareness of threats, and a deep understanding of the state of technology. A tiered threat model is provided enabling a better tailoring of actions to meet the threat. For more see:  OODA Releases a Traveling Executive’s Guide to Cybersecurity

For Executive Protection, Physical and Cyber Security Have Fully Converged

Managing the nexus between physical and cyber security is possible with a deliberate mindset and full cooperation and integration between the two teams.  Physical security practitioners should view cyber defense experts as a vital component of their risk management strategy. For more see: For Executive Protection, Physical and Cyber Security Have Fully Converged

OODA Best Practices for Agile Cybersecurity:

Members of the OODA expert network continuously track best practices for policy, procedures, technology and governance related to cyber defense.  We work directly defending enterprises in cyber defense and maintain an always up to date list of actions in a form designed to help any organization stay as agile as possible in the face of dynamic adversaries. Read more at the OODA Special Report on Best Practices for Agile Cybersecurity.


Additional Cyber Security Reporting and Analysis:

Cyber Threats to the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics: The Olympic Games remain one of the most-watched events in the world, with billions tuning in across digital platforms and traditional broadcasting channels.

Mitigating Risks To America’s Cognitive Infrastructure: Our most important infrastructure is also our most neglected.

Observations From America’s Most Public Cyber Attacks: Lessons for all of us

11 Habits of Highly Effective CISOs: What does it take to be a highly effective CISO?

Cyber Sensemaking: Lessons for enhanced cybersecurity across multiple domains including government, corporate, think tank and academic.

Election Security Initiatives are falling short: According to the GAO

The CMMC: What business needs to know about how DoD will measure your security posture

Essential Management Strategies for Cybersecurity: Management lessons learned and essential actions to mitigate risks

10 Red Teaming Lessons Learned Over 20 Years – Red teaming is one of the most valuable things you can do within your organization.  OODA CEO and Co-Founder Matt Devost offers up his top ten red teaming lessons learned from over two decades of red teaming across hundreds of engagements.

The Five Modes of HACKthink – Explores how to use a hacker mindset to solve complex problems and unlock opportunity.

The State of the Cybersecurity Community: An update following RSA 2019 – OODA Experts provide their perspective on the RSA 2019 conference including a list of 30+ companies to watch.

Email – The Often Overlooked Cybersecurity Risk – Are silly email mistakes putting your sensitive data and customer PII at risk or in violation of GDPR. Matt Devost breaks down four real life examples that highlight inadvertent email risks.

Here’s What the New U.S. Intelligence Strategy Says About Cyber Threats – The United States intelligence strategy for 2019 has been released, covering seven specific themes.  Here’s how the United States Intelligence Community will deal with cyber threats: “Despite growing awareness of cyber threats and improving cyber defenses, nearly all information, communication networks, and systems will be at risk for years to come.

Def Con – The highest yield cyber security event of the year.

The 5G Supply Chain Blindspot – This is the place few are looking regarding 5G security

Is Organized Crime Using Ransomware To Take Real World Competitors Offline? – Sure looks like it. Examine why and how here.

Flaws In The U.S. Vulnerabilities Equities Process: Deep insights from our own expert Cindy Martinez.

Vulnerabilities, the Search for Buried Treasure, and the US Government: Analysis from noted expert and cybersecurity thought leader (and OODA network member) Jason Healey.

Here is How the FBI Wants You To Protect Your Audio/Visual Devices: From an FBI bulletin

CISA Outlines Agency’s Strategic Intent: Vision of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

The Key To A Defensible Cyberspace: A look at the work of Jason Healey and the NY Cyber Task Force

How a Presidential Commission Was Tracking Hackers in 1996: New insights into the President’s Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection

Maturing The Cyber Threat Intelligence Field into a Discipline: based on a career in operational intelligence

Special Reporting on The Federal Technology Market

The federal government spends almost $90B a year on technology. But serving this market can be hard, especially for a startup firm. Our analysts have decades of experience helping tech startup CEOs succeed in the federal space. Our special reporting on this topic provides actionable insights to help you prioritize your actions and optimize your strategy. Our federal technology expert Bob Gourley produces this series and is available to all OODA Network members seeking additional insights for growth in this sector.  Review all in this series at: OODA’s Special Reporting on the Federal Technology Market.


OODA Network Interviews

We may be biased, but we believe OODA network members are some of the most interesting people in the world. They are certainly some of the most successful. To capture some of the lessons learned from professionals in the network we have started an interview series.  Our objective with these interviews is to provide actionable information of interest to the community, including insights that can help with your own career progression. We also really like highlighting some of the great people that make our continued research and reporting possible.  Review all in this series at: OODA Expert Network.


OODA Loop Greatest Hits

In addition to the special reports above, OODA Experts are publishing unique analysis on a variety of topics.  The following is a sampling of the most popular topics:


Living in the Future – Matt Devost reviews key insights and predictions of trends from 2010 and assesses how predictions then played out. OODA is tracking all these trends as we move fast to the future.

2019 and the Evolving Role of OSINT – Open Source Intelligence, to include social media analysis, has evolved a next generation of crowdsourcing and accountability.

Towards 2020: The most popular stories on OODA Loop for 2019

What We All Need To Know About The Impacts of a Truly Global Internet: Insights leading to actions

Hostile Social Manipulation: Insights you can use

OODA Trends 2019 – Our take on an annual trends report looks at emerging technology and security trends that should be in your OODA Loop.

Manage Insider Risk and Prevent Big Brother Perception – A four part series by OODA Network Expert Crystal Lister on managing insider threats.

DHS & FBI Report that Election Infrastructure in all 50 States Targeted During 2016 – The Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have issued a special report acknowledging that the election infrastructure in all 50 states was targeted during the 2016 election.

DoD’s new Capability Maturity Model for Cyber (CMMC): How the government will measure you.

Mexican Cartel Adaptation and Innovation: This brief assessment looks at non-technological innovation potentials among Mexican TCOs (criminal cartels and gangs).

What Business Leaders Need To Know Regarding Hong Kong: Yes it will impact your business

Insights From The DoDIIS Conference: Actionable info from this gathering of tech spies


The Top 10 Security, Technology, and Business Books – OODA CEO and Co-Founder Matt Devost reads over 50 books a year and provides his top 10 for 2019.  Also see the 2018 list, the 2017 list and 2016 list or our curated list of great reads at Amazon.com

LikeWar and the Weaponization of Social Media – Our interview with author P.W. Singer.

Unmasking Maskirovka: Russia’s Cyber Influence Operations – OODA Network Expert Book Review – This exploration is timely and relevant given the Russian assault on the American electoral process in the 2016 Presidential election—especially since the long-range implications are still being assessed. The AI Books Chinese President Xi Jinping is Reading: What we saw on his bookshelf

The Red Teamer’s Bookshelf – Our pick of key reads for security practitioners

What If You Could Know What The Designers Of Our AI-Enabled Future Think? – To really see where we are all going with Artificial Intelligence (AI) there is no better way than asking those who are architecting the future of AI.

Does Technology Threaten The Future of Humanity? According to this book it may.

The Hackers Who Saved The World: Interview with author Joe Menn



The Sensemaking Series

We have built collections of our best content based on functional domains for easier reference. This series of sites includes overviews of research reports, the latest news and analysis from our daily reporting, and, when relevant, links to other sites that have information we consider to be reliable and authoritative. We recommend members review these pages in advance of a need to familiarize yourself with the content:


Other Member Resources

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