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Country Studies and Threat Briefs

These reports provide a solid baseline that can inform your decision-making and put our daily reports into better context. Please contact us for questions or comments on any of these reports.

Russia should be considered a kleptocracy, where the rule of law exists as long as it supports the objectives of the state and the ruling oligarchs. All U.S. businesses should exercise extreme caution before doing business in or with Russia. Our special report on The Russian Threat captures insights on the full spectrum of Russian capabilities and intention, including their actions in cyber conflict. For more read the continuously updated Russia Threat Brief.

Also, be sure to check out our special report:  Russia 2020:  What Will Putin Do Next?

Several countries have the capability to inflict harm on U.S. interests. However, China is the only one who has declared an intent to challenge the U.S. for global supremacy. China remains a closed society where challenges to party rule are met with harsh, sole crushing response. China is a powerhouse, but one with weaknesses. The same statement carries over to military and intelligence domains. For more read the continuously updated China Threat Brief.

Iran has been investing heavily in cyber operations and is experienced in conducting both espionage and attack. Iran is undemocratic, with power centered in a Supreme Leader (Ali Khamenei). A President exists but has little power compared to the Supreme Leader. But below them is a vibrant and powerful country of over 81 million. Iranian education systems and scientific pursuits make them a technologically empowered nation that can mount surprisingly sophisticated cyber operations. Coming soon.

North Korea describes itself as a “self-reliant socialist state” but it is really best described as a Stalinist dictatorship. Leader Kim Jong-un holds power and dominates all functions through a mix of violence, rewards and intense propaganda. A common misperception about the DPRK is that they are so backwards and poor that they cannot mount a modern cyber war. But reality is that their policy of “Songun” (military first) means there are resources for capabilities considered strategic, and that includes cyber war. Coming soon.

Special Reports

OODA Best Practices for Agile Cybersecurity: Members of the OODA expert network continuously track best practices for policy, procedures, technology and governance related to cyber defense.  We work directly defending enterprises in cyber defense and maintain an always up to date list of actions in a form designed to help any organization stay as agile as possible in the face of dynamic adversaries. Read more at the OODA Special Report on Best Practices for Agile Cybersecurity.

Are you making the most of your data holdings? If you want to leverage your data to the better of your business you need to treat it like a weapon and use it to gain advantage over others. This is not just about your technical architecture, this is about your attitude. For our best practices on how to do so see the OODA Guide to Using Your Data As A Weapon. 

Artificial Intelligence

AI, machine learning, and data science will be used to create some of the most compelling technological advancements of the next decade.  The OODA team will continue to expand our reporting on AI issues.  Please check out the AI reports listed below.

OODA Loop Greatest Hits

In addition to the special reports above, OODA Experts are publishing unique analysis on a variety of topics.  The following is a sampling of the most popular topics:

10 Red Teaming Lessons Learned Over 20 Years – Red teaming is one of the most valuable things you can do within your organization.  OODA CEO and Co-Founder Matt Devost offers up his top ten red teaming lessons learned from over two decades of red teaming across hundreds of engagements.

The Five Modes of HACKthink – Explores how to use a hacker mindset to solve complex problems and unlock opportunity.

Russia 2020:  What Will Putin Do Next? – Information operations against the United States and other nations are unlikely to look like the last attack.  This report explores what Russia might do next.

2019 and the Evolving Role of OSINT – Open Source Intelligence, to include social media analysis, has evolved a next generation of crowdsourcing and accountability.

OODA Trends 2019 – Our take on an annual trends report looks at emerging technology and security trends that should be in your OODA Loop.

The Top 10 Security, Technology, and Business Books of 2018 – OODA CEO and Co-Founder Matt Devost reads over 50 books a year and provides his top 10 for 2018.  Also see the 2017 list and 2016 list or our curated list of great reads at Amazon.com 

LikeWar and the Weaponization of Social Media – Our interview with author P.W. Singer.

The Future of AI Policy is Largely Unwritten – Congressman Will Hurd provides insight on the emerging technologies of AI and Machine Learning.

Manage Insider Risk and Prevent Big Brother Perception – A four part series by OODA Network Expert Crystal Lister on managing insider threats.


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