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SpaceX Starlink satellites shown on a Falcon ready for launch

Elon Musk shared a picture on Twitter showing the first 60 SpaceX Starlink satellites loaded into a Falcon.

Just imagine a network 12,000 satellites flying in low Earth orbit, sending Internet connectivity to anywhere on Earth. Some might call it the beginning of Skynet but Mus and SpaceX call it the Starlink initiative. The FCC approval gave it its approval provided the company could even launch half of that number within the next six years.

SpaceX plans to launch the satellites in two groups, one with 4,409 and another with 7,518. So far, it has only launched 2 test satellites, TinTin A and TinTin B. This will be the next and so far largest batch, and Musk expects it to go wrong. He estimates that they need to launch 6 more sets of 60 satellites for minor coverage, or 12 sets to be sure really sure.

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