16 Oct 2018

The Newest Password Technology Is Making Your Phone Easier for Police to Search

The way that current laws are written in the US has meannt that the “keys” to biometric passwords like facescans, fingerprints, and other similar technologies are treated like traditional searches for which police can easily obtain warrants. Alphanumeric passwords, however, are treated as “testimonial” evidence, meaning that defendants have Fifth

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15 Oct 2018

This Malware Pretends to Be a Flash Update But Is Really Mining Cryptocurrency

Updating Adobe Flash is apparently such a regular task for computer users that hackers are able to take advantage of the familiarity and slip in cryptocurrency mining malware into fake Flash updates. Once installed, the malware works in the background, using the computer’s processing power to mine cryptocurrency (Monero, in

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12 Oct 2018

A Look at Northrop Grumman’s Anti-UAV Defense System on Sale to the US Military

The government and the defense industry is working hard to develop anti-drone technology to keep up with the threats posed by drones, from the large and expensive types launched from airports to the small and inexpensive quadrocopters smaller than many birds. So far, however, there is no perfect technology. Northrop

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11 Oct 2018

So Patriot and THAAD will talk. What does that really mean?

“The Army decided earlier this year to drastically accelerate its plans to get the Patriot medium-range air-and-missile defense system and the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system to communicate. The service has since seen an influx of cash in its fiscal 2018 and 2019 budgets approved by Congress to move

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10 Oct 2018

The Pentagon doesn’t know how much it is spending on AI

“Before the Pentagon can hold artificial intelligence accountable, it will have to find it. Auditing the Department of Defense is a daunting task to begin with, and trying to figure out within that budget the full scale of existing spending on AI likely requires the audit as a prerequisite. At

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09 Oct 2018

Can this AI find a terrorist in a surveillance video?

American video analytics firm IronYun recently pitched AI software that can screen live feeds simultaneously (or historical video data) and make it searchable for items and people in the videos. For example, analysts could search for a suspect that was wearing a black shirt, white shoes, and carrying a brown

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08 Oct 2018

Russian government hackers mined bitcoin to fund attacks on FIFA, anti-doping agencies

The Russian hackers recently indicted for their attacks attacks against anti-doping agencies and others were funding their work through bitcoin mining, according to U.S. documents. “The conspirators used the same funding structure – and in some cases, the very same pool of funds – to purchase key accounts, servers, and

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04 Oct 2018

Israel Plans Anti-Missile Nano Satellite Constellation

“Israel is planning constellations of nano satellites, built by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), that will allow almost continuous coverage of ‘areas of interest,’ which are likely to include Iran, Syria, Lebanon and other countries. The first nano satellite was developed by IAI and was launched into space in 2017 as

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03 Oct 2018

Why Tech Projects Flop and How to Fix Them! A Recovering Federal CIO’s Perspective

An award-winning former Federal CIO shares secrets for running a successful technology program.

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02 Oct 2018

Is informationalization the modern equivalent of industrialization? How the U.S. Should Respond to China’s Informatization Strategy

Is “informationalization” the modern equivalent of industrialization? Chinese President Xi Jinping thinks so. In the same way that industrialization reshaped the economic structure of human life and interactions around the world, “informationalization” is transforming everything from everyday consumer products to military capabilities. This War on the Rocks commentary tracks the

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