26 Aug 2013

Destruction and Creation

To comprehend and cope with our environment we develop mental patterns or concepts of meaning. The purpose of this paper is to sketch out how we destroy and create these patterns to permit us to both shape and be shaped by a changing environment. In this sense, the discussion also

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12 Apr 2013

When Armies Divide: The Security of Nuclear Arsenals During Revolts, Coups, and Civil Wars

In this brief volume Jenkins takes a detailed look at the General’s putsch, which was a 1961 coup attempt by a group of retired French Generals against President Charles de Gaulle. However, it is not the putsch itself that attracts Jenkins’ analytical attention, but the chaos surrounding the status of

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27 Mar 2013

Quantified self devices create unique data signatures for each user

This fascinating story on GigaOm discusses the implications of big data and personal privacy. What was uniquely interesting was this quote from CIA Chief Technology Officer Gus Hunt in describing how your FitBit health tracker collects enough data about how you move to uniquely identify you with 100 percent accuracy.

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27 Sep 2012

State Sponsored Cyber Threats – The Long View

Thinking about state-sponsored cyber threats over the long term doesn’t come easy to Western strategists. This essay takes a look at at the strategic implications of thinking only in the short-term.

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01 Jun 2012

Private Sector Implications of Operation Olympic Games

The New York Times revealed today what many experts had already asserted regarding the United States role in the Stuxnet attack. While speculation of U.S. involvement complicated international relations on cyber conflict, an acknowledgement of U.S. involvement in a forum such as the New York Times heralds in a brave

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13 Mar 2011

Project Responder: National Technology Plan for Emergency Response to Catastrophic Terrorism

The National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism (MIPT) in Oklahoma City focuses on “preventing and deterring terrorism or mitigating its effects.” Since April 2001, MIPT has funded Project Responder, an effort by Hicks & Associates, Inc. and the Terrorism Research Center, Inc., aimed ultimately at improving local, state

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31 Jan 1999

Unrestricted Warfare

The following selections are taken from “Unrestricted Warfare,” a book published in China in February 1999 which proposes tactics for developing countries, in particular China, to compensate for their military inferiority vis-à-vis the United States during a high-tech war. The selections include the table of contents, preface, afterword, and biographical

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