13 Sep 2021

Intelligence, Afghanistan, and Hedging Bets

I am a member of OODA Loop. The few discussions that I have been able to listen to thus far were extremely informative, especially the most recent one on Afghanistan and intelligence issues.  It prompted a few comments on intelligence collection and hedging bets amongst regional and great power players in Afghanistan. 

This article was generated from the OODA Network Member monthly meeting and access is restricted accordingly. If you are an OODA Subscriber, but not a member of our expert network, you will not be able to access this content.

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12 Jun 2016

Cyberterrorism and the role of Silicon Valley

“As national security and war are being redefined for the digital age, Silicon Valley will need to be on the front line of counterterrorism. Its inventors and entrepreneurs are driving the information revolution, and they must figure out how to protect vital systems against malevolent intrusions. It lies at ground zero

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07 May 2016

Brian Michael Jenkins on 40 Years of Terrorism

Brian Michael Jenkins provides perspective from 40 years of countering terrorism. “Terrorism is violence or the threat of violence that’s calculated to create an atmosphere of fear and alarm that will cause people to exaggerate the threat posed by the terrorists and the importance of their cause.”

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06 Apr 2015

Inside the Terrorist Factory

“ISIL, through its actions and communications, has amplified al Qaeda’s message of war on the West to inspire a broader audience. That message will continue to spread and fuel instability in regional conflicts. Still, neither al Qaeda nor ISIL has achieved more than limited success in persuading Americans to sign

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04 Sep 2014

The Devourers – Al-Baghdadi and The Islamic State

“ISIS is an ‘imminent threat to every interest we have,’ warned Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. ‘This is beyond anything we’ve seen. We must prepare for everything.’ In an article appearing in The Hill, long-time Congressional staffer Brent Budowsky argued that it is ‘highly probable’ ISIS will…obtain nuclear, chemical, biological

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24 Jun 2014

Iraq Observations

“Military collapses come fast, creating pressure for prompt action.  Domestic politics weigh heavily on the decision.  Will the administration be blamed for losing Iraq if it does not order military intervention?  Or will history judge the president wise for keeping US forces out of war as it did President Eisenhower

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30 Dec 2013

Should the United States End Assistance to Syria’s Rebels?

“The United States announced recently that it was suspending aid to the rebels fighting to overthrow the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. This comes amidst reports that other Western countries are now gradually withdrawing their military support to the rebel forces. Should the suspension of U.S. assistance be made

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11 Jul 2013

Could Terrorists Launch a Mumbai-Style Attack in the United States?

“Recently, I was asked to prepare testimony for a congressional hearing examining the possibility that an armed terrorist attack – similar to the 2008 attack that killed 162 people in Mumbai – could happen in the United States. As I was preparing my remarks, a 23-year-old man dressed in black and carrying high-powered weapons

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24 Apr 2013

The Boston Marathon bombing: How will the tragedy change the way America fights terrorism?

“We have the measure of the tragedy in Boston, the tally of dead and injured, those who have lost limbs, those who remain in critical condition, the incalculable grief and sorrow Americans share. But what will be the long-term consequences of this attack? Much will depend on who is found

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23 Dec 2012

Generations of Terrorism

“The terrorist plot uncovered recently by Jordanian authorities raises concerns about the resurgence of al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), the growing numbers of combat-experienced jihadists being generated by Syria’s continuing civil war, and the future terrorist threat to the region. The plot itself envisioned a complex operation beginning with bombings

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