Inside the Terrorist Factory

“ISIL, through its actions and communications, has amplified al Qaeda’s message of war on the West to inspire a broader audience. That message will continue to spread and fuel instability in regional conflicts. Still, neither al Qaeda nor ISIL has achieved more than limited success in persuading Americans to sign up for their version of jihad. The terrorist organizations have not been able to build a deep reservoir of support here. There have been few terrorist plots, and as yet no mass exodus of U.S. volunteers going to Syria.

The most likely threat to U.S. homeland security will come from homegrown terrorists carrying out unsophisticated but lethal attacks. More ambitious plots also cannot be ruled out, although domestic intelligence efforts have been remarkably successful at preventing them. The terrorist assaults in January in Paris and this month at the museum in Tunisia, along with the seemingly endless string of non-terrorist shootings in the United States, are a potent reminder that it only takes a lone gunman — or two or three — to cause significant casualties.”

Source: Inside the Terrorist Factory | RAND

Brian Michael Jenkins

Brian Michael Jenkins

The world’s leading authority on terrorism & sophisticated crime, Brian Michael Jenkins serves as the Senior Advisor to the President of the RAND Corporation. He is also the Director of the National Transportation Security Center at the Mineta Transportation Institute. From 1989 to 1998, Mr. Jenkins was the Deputy Chairman of Kroll Associates, an international investigative and consulting firm. Responsible for the firm’s crisis management practice, he directed the responses to kidnapping and extortion cases worldwide. Before that, he was Chairman of RAND’s Political Science Department where, from 1972 to 1989, he also directed RAND’s research on political violence.