20 Jun 2022

WordPress Updates More Than a Million Sites to Fix Critical Ninja Forms Vulnerability

Content Management system (CMS) provider WordPress has updated over one million sites in order to patch a critical vulnerability that affects a popular plugin known as Ninja Forms. Wordfence threat intelligence allegedly detected the flaw in June and reported it to the company. The details were explained in an advisory

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15 Apr 2022

Elementor Fixes Critical Bug in Popular WordPress Plugin

Elementor, a popular WordPress plugin, has received a critical update that patches a vulnerability that could be leveraged by attackers to change the appearance of websites. Elementor functions as a website building plugin, enabling users too easily create websites for themselves or their business without having to write code. Elementor

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18 Feb 2022

Vulnerability found in WordPress plugin with over 3 million installations

Cybersecurity researchers at Wordfence have warned that a vulnerability in a WordPress plugin has been detected. The plugin reportedly boasts over 3 million installations, and the vulnerability was first discovered by security researcher Marc Montpas. Wordfence released a blog post explaining the vulnerability and how it allows any logged-in user,

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28 Oct 2021

WordPress Plugin Bug Lets Subscribers Wipe Sites

A new flaw has been discovered in a popular WordPress plugin called Hashthemes Demo Importer. The vulnerability allows any authenticated user to wipe a vulnerable WordPress site completely clean, deleting all content and uploaded media. The plugin boasts more than 8,000 active installations. According to security researchers at Wordfence, the

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02 Jun 2021

Critical Zero-Day in WordPress Plugin Under Active Attack

Security researchers have warned that a new critical zero-day vulnerability in a WordPress plugin has been found to be actively exploited in the wild. The plugin, called the Fancy Product Designer, is installed on roughly 17,000 sites, according to Wordfence security experts. The tool allows users to upload images and

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29 Mar 2021

Severe Flaws in Official ‘Facebook for WordPress’ Plugin

Security researchers have discovered critical vulnerabilities in the official Facebook for WordPress plugin, finding that they can be abused to upload arbitrary files which would likely lead to remote code execution. Wordfence researchers recently released a warning advising users to exercise caution and to implement Facebook’s patch as soon as

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25 Mar 2021

Active Exploits Hit WordPress Sites Vulnerable to Thrive Themes Flaws

Attackers are currently targeting WordPress users who have not implemented patches to their plugins. Thrive Themes, a company that offers various products connected to WordPress, recently released patches for vulnerabilities within its services. However, researchers found that users who have failed to implement the fixes are being actively targeted by

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28 Jan 2021

Pirated themes and plugins are the most widespread threat to WordPress sites

With more than 70 million malicious files on more than 1.2 million WordPress sites over the past year, pirated themes and plugins were the most common source of malware infections to sites. Wordfence, a provider of website application firewall solutions for sites operating over WordPress, detected the massive amount of

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10 Nov 2020

Critical privilege escalation bugs squashed in WordPress Ultimate Member plugin

WordPress has patched a critical privilege escalation vulnerability discovered in the popular plugin Ultimate Member. WordPress is urging its customers to implement the security update as soon as possible to avoid heightened risks of cyberattacks exploiting the flaw. The plugin has 100,000 active installations spanning thousands of different website types

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14 Sep 2020

WordPress Plugin Flaw Allows Attackers to Forge Emails

More than 100,000 WordPress sites are subject to a critical flaw that lies in a plugin service called Email Subscribers and Newsletters by Icegram. The plugin is a high-severity flaw that allows websites to send out emails and newsletters to subscribers securely and efficiently, however, it is now being exploited

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