31 Aug 2018

Special Report: In Venezuela, new cryptocurrency is nowhere to be found

A special four-month investigation by reporters has found little use of the new Venezuelan oil-backed cryptocurrency, an investigation at-odds with government statements claiming that petrol sales have increased $3.3 billion and that the coin is being used to pay for imports. A cabinet minister, however, said that the technology behind

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14 Aug 2018

Venezuela ‘drone attack’: Maduro would accept FBI help to investigate

“Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has said he would allow US FBI agents into the country to help investigate the alleged assassination attempt against him a week ago. The president said he believed that the people involved had fled to Florida, Peru and Colombia. The US has indicated it will co-operate

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07 Aug 2018

Venezuela Attack Highlights Vulnerability to Drone Assassins

“The drones rigged with high explosives used in a plot targeting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro highlight the risk of drone-enabled attacks that the U.S. has few tools to prevent. Federal law enforcement and security agencies are prohibited by a variety of laws from using new technologies that can track or

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06 Aug 2018

Venezuela president Maduro says he’s been attacked by suicide drone, blames Colombia

Video footage appears to show an explosives-laden suicide drone detonating near the outdoor platform from where Venezuelan President Nicolas Madura was giving a speech. The President was unharmed, but a number of soldiers were injured. The President has since claimed that the attack was an assassination attempt by the Venezuelan

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27 Jul 2018

IMF: Venezuela’s inflation rate will be 1,000,000% by the end of the year

The IMF has projected inflation of the Venezuelan Bolivar to reach 1 million percent by year end 2018, comparable to rates reached in Germany after World War I and more recently in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. This will be combined with a projected 18% decline in GDP, its third straight year of

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17 Jul 2018

Colombia, U.S., Mexico, Panama cooperating to combat the Venezuelan government’s illicit financial networks

Isolated by sanctions over human rights violations, drug trafficking, and corruption, Venezuela has developed a web of illicit financial networks that have helped keep President Maduro’s government in power. Colombia, the US, Mexico, and Panama have recently begun coordinating efforts to combat these illicit networks. The Venezuelan government has also

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25 Jun 2018

Venezuela crisis: UN says security forces killed hundreds

In a recent UN report dismissed by the Venezuelan government as lies, the UN accuses Venezuelan security forces of carrying out hundreds of killings under the pretense of fighting crime. Accountability and the rule of law in the country has been described as “virtually absent” by the UN human rights

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28 Sep 2010

Chavez: Venezuela Studying Nuclear Program

“Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Monday that his government is carrying out initial studies into starting a nuclear energy program. Chavez brought up the issue during a news conference, saying the South American country needs an atomic energy program. ‘We’re taking on the project of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes,

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