26 Nov 2019

NYPD Fingerprint Database Taken Offline to Thwart Ransomware

The LiveScan fingerprint-tracking system used by the New York Police Department was infected with ransomware last week, prompting the NYPD to take the database offline on Friday night. The department managed to get the systems back up and running by Saturday morning. Fortunately the impact of the attack was limited

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11 Jul 2019

Industry Insight: Checking Up on Healthcare Security

New research by the Ponemon Institute and Censinet shines the spotlight on third-party risk in the healthcare industry. According to the report, the majority (56%) of healthcare organizations were at the receiving end of a data breach caused by one or multiple third-party vendors, costing the industry a total of

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24 Jun 2019

UK Police suspend work with major forensics firm after cyber-attack

A recent ransomware attack on forensics firm Eurofins has impacted operations of the UK police department, which is now dealing with an increasing backlog of pending forensic investigations. Eurofins provides various types of forensic services, including DNA analysis, toxicology, ballistics and computer forensics work. It is believed that the UK

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21 Jun 2019

Small Businesses May Not Be Security’s Weak Link

A new report by (ISC)² indicates that the poor reputation of small businesses when it comes to security isn’t entirely justified. Small firms are often considered to be a supply-chain risk for larger corporations, but (ISC)² found that security breaches resulting from cooperation with a large company are slightly more

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17 Jun 2019

Human error still the cause of many data breaches

A new survey by Shred-it shows that data breaches are very often the result of human error. The majority of C-suite executives (53%) and more than a quarter of Small Business Owners (SBOs) (28%) point to human error or accidental loss by an external vendor/source as the cause of data

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13 Jun 2019

Healthcare organizations lack money, tools, talent to address biggest cybersecurity threats

A new CynergisTek survey identifies poorly secured Internet of things (IoT) devices as the top concern for half of healthcare decision makers. Other major concerns are medical device security and third-party risk. The research also found that one in three medical organizations do not have a proper security strategy for

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06 Jun 2019

How privileged insiders threaten the security of global organizations

Almost two out of three IT organizations suspect that they suffered a direct or indirect breach in the past year due to abused or misused employee access (64%) or because a third party vendor got hacked (62%), new research by BeyondTrust shows. The report also highlights the prevalence of poor

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30 May 2019

Majority of CISOs plan to ask for an increase in cybersecurity investment

New research by the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) shows that in the face of growing cyber threats, almost 3 in 4 (73%) CISOs in the finance sector will request their CFO to expand the cybersecurity budget in the coming year. Currently, the majority of organizations (56%)

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