11 Nov 2019

Report: Cyber Workforce Must Grow 145% to Meet Global Demand

Cyber expertise is in high demand as more organizations look to address cybersecurity issues, but there is currently a shortage of professionals to complete these jobs. A survey conducted by cybersecurity nonprofit (ISC)2 found that there were only enough cybersecurity employees to fill about 60 percent of the current demand

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14 Jan 2019

Most of the world’s businesses are unprepared for grim reality of cyberattacks

A new report by PwC among 3,000 business leaders across 81 territories shows that a majority of organizations worldwide are falling short when it comes to their resilience against cyberattacks. Only 39% of the respondents in the survey were confident about the cybersecurity controls in place in their firm. Just about half

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11 Jan 2019

Consumers Demand Security from Smart Device Makers

The security of connected devices, or the lack thereof rather, is one of the biggest cybersecurity issues right now. Gartner predicts the Internet of Things (IoT) will consist of 25 billion devices by 2021, most of which might be very easy to hack, if current trends are any indication. According

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10 Jan 2019

Global Certainty of Future Cyberattacks Growing

A global Pew Research Center survey shows that cyberattacks are increasingly considered a normal part of modern life. The survey was conducted among over 27,000 respondents from 26 different countries. Overall. 74% of respondents expected cyberattacks to impact national security, 69% said the same about damage to public infrastructure, while

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